Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Weekend!

What a great weekend! I dropped SJ off with Daniel Friday at 3. C and I then met the Pickerings for a trip through Tulsa (to drop Caroline off with my sister and eat at TEDS!!!) and on to Stillwater. You see, Melanie Pickeing is one of the smartest girls I know...she chose Oklahoma State as her college home! Yeah! Anyway, I accompanied Molly and Mel to Greek Discovery Day. I loved being in Stillwater and enjoying the amazing weather. Stillwater will always have a little piece of my heart. If you've never been, GO!

The random pic of people sitting at outside tables has one of my former crazy math professors in it. The one in khakis and white hair/beard...Slight Albert Einstein knockoff. Yeah, he wore that same outfit every day when I had him several years ago...and smoked the same cigars and rode the same bike around town. I did talk to him and he acted like he remembered that good or bad?! Ha!

Caroline also had her first ride in a car seat facing forward. Don't worry, we didn't let her break the law for long...this was a slight necessity! She loved it, though!

I joined Amy in nursery this morning because of a little wardrobe malfunction. Don't worry, nothing like Janet Jackson! Anyway, Reese and Harper were in the class I helped in. Aren't they sweet??!!

The rest of the pictures are just a few of my favorite things/places at OSU. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, My gosh girl you get to have all the fun. You could say I'm, but so proud you get together with your college friends do it as long as you can. I love you aunt susie

Cat said...

Ahhh...good 'ole Stillwater. Glad you enjoyed your time there! And I love the pics of Reese and Harper...if I'd known you guys were having a party back there, I would have joined. :)