Monday, April 28, 2014


Isn't God's timing impeccable? I know my last two posts have been somber so I'm hoping to be a little more upbeat this post. But, before I get to details of Chicago I have to say I am always thankful when I see God's timing and how He works. It takes me a little time to catch on but I think He's patient with me. Anyway, this trip came at such an amazing and perfect time. Thank you, Lord! 

So, Chicago...So. Much. Fun. 
I met up with Kati on Wednesday and we headed to Big Star for a late lunch. Super small taco bar in the Wicker Park neighborhood. So yummy! I've never been ID'ed at 2pm in the afternoon on a Wednesday! Heck, I haven't even been ID'ed much lately! 
Later we headed to the museum area and took some pretty lake and skyline pics. 
When we got done there we headed up to the hotel room to freshen up and rest a little. I was exhausted from only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before. We then headed to the Hancock Tower for some amazing views! 
After the Hancock we left and headed to dinner. We stumbled upon RPM, a restaurant Kati had wanted to try! We ran in and found a quick table in the bar area and enjoyed some great food! (No pics) :(

The next morning we slept in and walked along the shore again. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! After that, Kati was called in to work. Sad! I headed to see Josh and cutie, Aaron! We had a great visit over brunch and coffee.

I then shopped a little and went back to the hotel to rest. I love resting! Ha! I then met another college friend, Wes. He's the reason I passed several of my math classes! He's a genius! Kati met us a little later. Turns out there may be some family connections with Kati's in laws and Wes! We had a great night that ended with dinner at Sable Kitchen. 
Did I say that's where our night ended? I mean Wes's night ended! Ha! He headed home and Kati and I went to the piano bar across the street from our hotel! The host was hilarious! The music was great! 
Thanks for a fun trip, Kati!

Also, thank you to c-mom for coming to help Daniel with the girls. They loved having you here!! 😘

Monday, April 21, 2014

Just because...

We have been so loved on lately. It continues even weeks later. While the grief has set in, I continue to be encouraged by sweet friends and family that have sent notes, flowers, gift cards for restaurants and just been there for us. I have tears in my eyes just typing this. Thank you! 

In the last few days I've had a few friends post their "good news" on FB. I should be excited for others and their expanding families but just couldn't bring myself to hit that like button. One friend is due in October and a family member is due in October. That was hard to read.  We were due Oct. 15. A sweet family member told me to picture our baby in Jesus' arms. That is so helpful. It just still hurts. I think October will be really hard. 

The girls have asked about the baby. It's not easy explaining to a three and two year old that your baby is with Jesus in Heaven. Jesus heals people. Why not just heal the baby? How do I even explain that. Why haven't I taught them more about God's good plan and that sometimes He chooses not to heal? Pray for us as we continue to explain that to them. They want another baby. How do I tell them that the baby is better off with Jesus yet SJ and C are better off with here with us. I know that's God's plan for them but I've struggled with the sense in it. Maybe I'm crazy. I don't know. 

What I do know is I'm thankful for all of you who read this blog. I'm thankful for those who have reached out. Whether you understand our hurt or don't and just love us. I'm so thankful. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014


And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21 ESV)

Friendship seems so simple. I guess it is to some. For me, my friends are like family. God blessed us with some amazing people here in NWA. I truly trust that is because He knew we would need them. How do people get by without friends? I've celebrated with them, prayed through hardships, and experienced loss with these friends. I've become an adult alongside these people.

Most of you know that we found out about a month ago that we were expecting baby number 3. After an ultrasound and seeing a healthy heartbeat we decided to start sharing the news. Last Sunday (Mar 30) I woke up and just knew that I was in the middle of a miscarriage. Monday morning things started picking up pace but I hoped and prayed it would all stop. Monday night into Tuesday morning, things got pretty bad. Long story short I lost a large amount of blood, passed out twice, and took my first ambulance ride to the hospital where I stayed the night. Needless to say, we lost our baby. That mourning process didn't start right away for some reason. I thought The Lord had protected me from that. Not sure why I thought that but the last two days have proven to be on the contrary. Still, I choose to say blessed be Your Name, Lord. Do I pray for my expectations or to the One who is in control of those expectations? Only One can sustain. 

I know we wouldn't have survived this week without Kiley, Amy, Kate, Cat, Shannon, Becca, Molly, Melanie, Brooke, Kristy and Samantha. So many others have prayed for us both near and far. These girls, though, were here. They showed up without even thinking about it. They came to visit, both at home and in the hospital. They cleaned for us, cooked for us and most importantly took care of my girls. Pretty sure SJ and Caroline thought they were on vacation! I never once had to wonder if the girls were cared for, where they were, or where they needed to be. Every detail was taken care of. What. A. Blessing.  Each one of them were and continue to be the hands of feet of Jesus for us. Thank you doesn't hardly scratch the surface of the gratitude I feel for them. But, thank you!

And, a special thank you to my sweet family and friends that called or texted everyday. I have some huge rocks of support in you all. And, I value each one of you. 

Since this post was about friends I didn't say much about Daniel. My rock, my friend, my love. He never left my side. Thank you, friends, for making that possible. And, thank you, Daniel, for caring for me. I love you. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


We don't technically have a spring break but everyone around us does. This year we ended up making a long weekend work for us. We packed a lot into a three day span! Thursday evening we headed to Tulsa and had a couple hours to visit with Ree and Papa. Friday morning we headed to the zoo and met up with the Kirbys and Darroughs. We also saw the Hoyles and Adams there. Lots of pink and lots of fun! 

After the zoo we drove to Oklahoma City. We were joining the Hoyles and Adams for an OKC Thunder game. After dropping kids off with Cat's super sweet parents we headed to Kitchen 324 for some yummy food! I had the fried chicken pot pie. I mean, just look at it...amazing! 

After dinner we headed to the game. It was a blowout but still fun to finally see a game! 

Saturday morning we packed up and met up with Uncle TJ and his girlfriend at our favorite Classen Grill. We had a great time visiting with our good buddy and were sad it couldn't have lasted longer. 

It couldn't last too long because we had a hot date in Tulsa with our Betsy! Our trip happened to be a few days before Aunt Bet Bet's birthday so we decided to celebrate! We had a wonderful dinner at Tallgrass Prairie followed by drinks at Albert G's. Downtown Tulsa has changed so much in the last ten years. I was so glad to enjoy a night out and celebrate my sweet sister in law!