Thursday, February 27, 2014

SJ starts Basketball!

Oh my sweet little SJ! She started basketball tonight. Not without a little persuasive arguing against going. 
Quotes I heard this week when "talking up" basketball practice: 
"Mommy, sometimes girls change their minds and don't have to play basketball." 
"Mommy, I just like girl things like ballet."
"Mommy, when I get bigger I will go to basketball, but not now, ok?" 
Oh she's so polite when trying to get out of something! Ha! Well, much to her dismay we still went to basketball. She didn't mind it once it started. We grabbed a basketball and she started getting the hang of dribbling. So cute! We then worked on passing. She got that down too. Once the practice started my little momma heart was so proud of how well she followed directions! She wasn't scared and did everything she was told. There were only three girls in the group of 17. Once they split the kids into 3-4 yr olds and 5-7 yr olds,SJ was the only girl in her group. They then gave them mini basketballs which were way more difficult for the little hands to control. But, she had fun anyway. The only meltdown came 40 minutes into the 45 minute practice when the basketball goal was too high for her to shoot at. She was done at that point. She told me she was just too sweaty. On the walk to the car she said, "Mom, I think I need to do ballet next time. They wear pink tutus." Where did this girl come from? Don't worry mom, I will sign her up for dance or gymnastics someday...
Oh, and we ended the night with ice cream. They both loved that! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

College Reunion 2014

We met up with four other couples that we know from college for our third reunion.  We had superb weather for the end of February...60s and 70s!  After the snow/ice/cold temps we've had this year I didn't know if this trip would get to happen.  Praise the Lord for beautiful little gifts of great weather in an unexpected month.  Anyway, this year included two new babies, Eleanor and Aaron.  We had an amazing house on Table Rock Lake and enjoyed tons of food, friends and fellowship.  I am thankful for these friends! Enjoy the pics!
 All of the kiddos...SJ refused to get in this picture.

 Batman Bennett and Caroline
 She's so stinking big!
 The most adorable pilot ever!
 Josh and Aaron!