Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bed Hair

Sarah's hair is finally getting long enough to get "messy" after she wakes up. This particular morning it was pretty wild so I had to get a picture!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Helper

Sarah still isn't sure what to think of Caroline. She likes to say "hi" to C when she sees her. She likes to pat her head/face as hard as she can. She likes to squeeze her legs and arms. She also likes to push off of Caroline when she's trying to stand up. I really am surprised how durable Caroline is! I wasn't as laid back with SJ as a newborn! But, that's a first time momma for ya! Here's a cute video of Sarah trying her hardest to get up in the chair where Caroline is laying. If you listen closely you can hear Caroline make some squeaks and Sarah say "hi".

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks Aunt Bug!

Daniel and I had plans last Friday to go to Oklahoma City to celebrate my good friend Chandra's 30th birthday. We planned to take Caroline but Sarah needed a place to spend the night. In comes Kati to the rescue! From the pictures Kati took, SJ looked like she had a blast! I love her face in the first two pictures! Thanks, Aunt Bug, for taking care of my baby girl! We love you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Little Parts...

...bring so much joy!

Sarah's foot at about 3 weeks old.

Caroline's feet at about 2 weeks.
Sarah's Hand around 3 weeks.

Caroline's hand at 2 weeks.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First of Many...

My sweet girls had their first bath together tonight! It only took 2 weeks for Caroline's umbilical cord to fall off...Sarah's took 4 weeks!

This will definitely be part of our routine for the next few years. Sarah was so excited to have someone else in the bathtub with her.

She wanted to love on baby sister but Caroline wasn't so sure what she thought of big sister...or maybe she didn't know if she liked the bath. Either way...SJ had a great time!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back to "Normal"

This post may be a little boring but it's something I wanted to document for my own future reminder...

Before Caroline was born many many moms told me that the second child was so much easier than the first. I wasn't sure I believed that and I'm not sure the actual child herself will be easier. But, what I have learned in all of my 14 days as a mom of two is that life gets back to normal WAY quicker than the first. My friend Amy said it best...the transition to being a mom is much more difficult than adding a 2nd or 3rd or more children to the mix. Sounds a little backwards but I must say it's proven true for me! When SJ was born I spent at least 6 weeks trying to figure out what our day and even week would look like. I like schedules. I like people. I like to be out and about. It was hard to figure out how to incorporate those with Sarah because I'd never had to worry about anyone but myself. Adding Caroline has not been difficult because we already have a "normal" routine. She just does what we do right along with us. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely tired and scared of being alone for too long with just the 3 of us but my world hasn't been rocked like it was with Sarah. I'm much more confident in my abilities as a mom opposed to how I felt when SJ was born. Our world is definitely more blessed with Caroline and I praise the Lord for his Goodness in walking us through this transition from one to two babies.

I will say there has been one thing that has been difficult for me this time around and that is the feeling of neglecting your older child because of the amount of attention number two requires. I imagine all moms go through this in varying degrees but it's been the one aching thing in my heart since Caroline was born. From the time we dropped her off the night C was born until today, I have felt guilty about what adding a sister has done to her life. I know, I know, eventually they will be the best of friends and that will be the least of my concerns. But for now, I miss my one on one time with SJ (even though I always longed Caroline's arrival). I'm thankful for Sarah's young age, she doesn't even know what's happened (or at least doesn't act like she knows). Daniel has been working just mornings this week so that we can transition Sarah and myself into full days of just the three of us. The other night, just before bed, I told Sarah that it was just going to be her and me taking care of Caroline and that I would need her help during the days. Of course she has no idea what I'm talking about but she laid her head on my shoulder and just kept it there as if to say, "we'll be okay mom, we can do this!" Oh my gosh, I love her!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well, we do live in Arkansas...

Daniel stuck SJ in the back of the truck for some reason the other day. He then thought it would be cute to get a couple of pictures of her back there since she was just in her diaper. The only thing that could make this picture better is if we were in a Walmart parking lot...but, I'll take the elk, deer and bull horns in the background, oh and the Remington sticker as enough redneck-ness!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grammy and Papa Pic

Grammy and Papa came back to visit us Friday night after C-mom went home. Sarah, of course, loved the attention they showered on her! They brought her a new swimming pool that she pooped in twice, haha! They made her breakfast on Saturday morning and let Daniel and me sleep in. When we got up, they made us breakfast too! Saturday afternoon we headed to Target and Kohl's to get out of the house a little bit. All part of my get-back-to-normal-as-fast-as-I-can plan! Shopping is very normal for me...even if it is just to buy diapers, ha! We even ate dinner out on Saturday night and then watched a movie at home. A great weekend with great grandparents! Thanks so much for coming back to visit, we love you (and SJ misses you tons)!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks C-mom (and Grandfather, too)!

How quickly a week goes by when you are being pampered and spoiled! Connie joined us on Sunday the 5th just before my parents headed out. Thanks to Aunt Betsy for bringing her over! Connie worked like a dog ALL week. From breakfast to dinner and everything before, between, and after she took such good care of us. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, feeding Sarah, bathing Sarah, taking Sarah on walks every evening, she did it all! I think the one that enjoyed having her here the most was Sarah. (Although, I must say I am a super close 2nd). Connie went to the bathroom, Sarah followed. Connie went to the kitchen, Sarah followed. Connie went to the bedroom, living room, garage, outside, Sarah followed. It was pretty cute! Also, special thanks to Grandfather for letting C-mom come for a whole week! We love you!

Sarah loved sitting on Grandfather's lap...she sat there for at least 30 minutes!

Caroline couldn't be left out of cuddle time with Grandfather!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My how we grow...

Sarah LOVED this chair when she was smaller. We put it up sometime around her 8 month birthday because she outgrew it. Now that we have it out for little sister, she has decided she needs to use it again. She loves laying back in it and bouncing. She's so proud of herself too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Driveway Pool

Sarah enjoyed a little pool time on Sunday afternoon. We've had this little kiddie pool for a while (if anyone remembers, it was once referred to as the "Rio Grande" on Cinco de Mayo a few years ago...) so we thought we would get it out for SJ. I didn't get to spend much time out there with her but she seemed to enjoy it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks Grammy, Aunt Bug and Papa!

Here's a new pic of my little princess! I love those cheeks!
I'm so thankful for my mom and Kati making it to the hospital in time for Caroline's birth on Thursday. Kati was my photographer for the night and all day Friday. I'm so glad to have those couple of days in pictures. Mom and Kati also took care of SJ all day Friday so that was a huge relief to not wonder where she would be or if she would eat or sleep. Thanks!

Grammy and her granddaughters!

Aunt Bug with the Big Sis!

Kati had to leave Friday afternoon to head home. Papa made it Friday night to meet Caroline for the first time. We ended up leaving the hospital on Friday night as well about 9:15. The city was turning off the water to the hospital from 11 pm to 7 am. Before we knew that we had been instructed by the pediatrician to go ahead and stay one more night. After we learned about no water (as in not even being able to flush, wash hands, drink, etc...) we asked if we could head home. I think the staff was happy to have two fewer patients under their care! Special thanks to Cat, Sarah, Brooke, Bryan and Millie for helping us carry all of our stuff out of the hospital! They happened to be at the hospital when it was about time for us to leave and that was such a blessing! I'm pretty sure Daniel would have made about 10 trips alone to carry everything out. I felt like we moved in!

Grammy and Papa spoiled SJ so much on Saturday and Sunday (not to mention Daniel and me as well!). They took SJ for a few hours on Saturday and ran around town while Daniel, Caroline and I took a nap. Then they came home and made us a great steak dinner! Sunday we had a gourmet breakfast and then sat around enjoying each other's company. Mom did a ton of laundry and cleaning around the house too. Such a big help!

Papa and his Girl! She LOVES Papa!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Caroline

She's here...and what a ride, Thursday turned out to be! Instead of a long essay of how the day went, here is the breakdown by times. The good part starts around 6 PM if you want to skip ahead!

June 2, 2011

8:15 AM - I woke up and asked the Lord to let my baby girl be born today. Seriously!

9:30 - Was that a contraction? I'm not sure...I still thanked the Lord that it was something!

10:30 - I'm pretty sure I've had 2 or 3 contractions. Wow, God, you're good!

11:30 - (in the middle of a nap) Yes, I just woke up because of a contraction, I think.

12:30 PM - Irregular contractions off and on. I told Daniel that I thought I was having contractions. I'm in awe of God's power, didn't I ask for this? What an answer!

2:30 - I put SJ down for a nap and decided I better shower. Contractions were about 12-15 minutes apart while I had been sitting down. While showering and moving around the house they were about 7 minutes apart.

3:00 - Daniel decides he should come home.

3:30 - I decide to call Dr. H and get some advice on when to head to the hospital.

3:45 - Daniel comes home...and he's really nervous acting. Ha!

4:00 - Dr. H's nurse returns my call and gives conflicting information. Go in if contractions are 3-5 minutes apart for an hour OR I have 5 contractions in an hour.

4:30 - I asked a couple of friends for advice because I had definitely had more than 5 in an hour but they were only about 6 or so minutes apart.

5:00 - I finally say, "Ok, these are hurting, we should figure out what to do with SJ."

5:10 - The Walkers graciously agree to keep SJ for the night so that my mom and sister can settle in at the hospital for the evening...because I'm pretty sure I'll be in labor way into the night...

6:00 - We drop SJ off with the Walkers and I decide I better eat before I get to the hospital.

6:30 - Dinner at Chick-fil-a. This makes me laugh, now!

6:45 - I tell Daniel we better go. I'm also thinking, "I hope they keep me at the hospital and don't send me home." (This will be funny later!)

7:00 - Arrive at entrance of ER...I finish a contraction before I walk in.

7:15 - Get wheeled up to triage to be checked.

7:20 - I'm dilated to a 6-7...better call the family! Nurse asks if I want an epidural...yes, please!

7:40 - Walk to the labor and delivery room. Semi discuss what baby girl's name will be. We'll have time later to really talk about it, I tell Daniel.

8:00 - Mom and Kati arrive.

8:10 - I need to pee so mom helps me into the bathroom. While there I tell her I'm feeling lots of pressure "down there".

8:15 - I send Kati to check on the status of that epidural.

8:17 - Nurse comes in and I tell her I feel lots of pressure "down there". She goes to "check" on epidural.

8:20 - Nurse says she wants to check me again...I'm dilated to 8-9. I ask her if the epidural will kick in before I have to push...she smiles and says "I think so." Liar.

8:25 - Nurse comes back and says, "I have good news and bad news." She can give me something in my IV to help with the pain but it will make me dizzy.

8:26 - I stare at her in shock for a moment before I realize what the bad news is...NO EPIDURAL!!!

8:27 - Nurse says Dr. H is on his way up though becuase I'm ready to push...then walks out.

8:28 - I look at mom then at Daniel and immediately burst into tears. I wasn't prepared for's gonna HURT!!!!!!

8:30 - Dr. H walks in to break my water.

8:35 - I'm told to go ahead and push on the next contraction.

8:36 - Oh, shoot me.

8:37 - This is HELL.

8:38 - Really, God? Really?

8:39 - What. The. Eff? (Sorry, that's really what I was thinking.)

8:40 - Oh. Em. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (Cat, told me this is referred to as the "ring of fire". I'll let you figure that one out.)

8:41 - Finally, RELIEF...she's here!!!

June 3rd

3:00 AM - She finally has a name! We totally planned to discuss and decide during labor...just didn't realize our laboring at the hospital would be so short!

WOW, is all I could and still can say. That was one of the most unbelievable things I've ever experienced. Praise the Lord that it was so fast, no time for me to have a mental breakdown! I loved my epidural with in the world did this happen without? (Answer: Because I'm an idiot and could never figure out if I was really in labor!) Looking back now, I'm still torn on whether or not I would go "natural" again. If I could be guaranteed to not know that I wasn't getting an epidural until it was time to push, then sure, I could probably do it again. I want to do it that way again, no thanks! I must praise the Lord for his goodness throughout the day. How amazing it was to pray a specific prayer and watch it unfold throughout the day. He is Good and we love our Caroline!