Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stillwater, oh how I love thee!

We have been to Stillwater twice this month for two OSU football games! Do you know how much I love that place? Like, truly get a little flutter in my heart when I think back of my time in Stillwater. I grew up there. I met Daniel there. I made lifelong friends there. I experienced things with people I can never do again. There's just no place like college. But, I really think there's no place like Stillwater, either. Anyway, America's Greatest Homecoming was this past weekend. I rode over early with Molly and crew for walk around. It was cold and rainy but fun nonetheless. That night I met up with Daniel and the Eberharts and we headed to Eskimo Joe's. So fun! Saturday was the game and then we hung out with the Campbells all afternoon and evening. Later that night we met up with my college roommate, Fatima, and her boyfriend. I hadn't seen F-roomie in about 7 years! So fun to catch up! 

HUGE thanks to my sister for taking care of the kids all weekend! I think she was worn out but the girls had a blast, as usual. I mean, what's better than hanging out with cousins all weekend when you are 2 and 3?!?! We had some cheap pics done on Sunday with all four kids. The three bigs had fun but poor Keeli was unimpressed and uninterested! Thank you, Kati and Darin for taking care of our kiddos!