Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you, I really do. I realize you are ready for me to be a big girl and eat some "solids". I will oblige you and allow you to feed this stuff to me, but only because I saw my boyfriend Jude eat the same orange stuff earlier today.
I will put it in my mouth for a second and then try to let it fall down my chin where you can't catch it and put it back in.
Because, honestly, I don't trust this stuff.

My plastic bib tastes better than that orange crap. I applaud your efforts. We'll see what I think of it tomorrow.

(This is only day 2 of trying sweet potatoes...we'll get there!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

6 Months!

Wow...here we are, 30 days later and another month older!
Fun facts about Sarah:
  • Rolls over both ways and all around the room...I definitely have to keep a closer eye on her now!

  • Has decided to move her wake time to between 6 and 7. Mom has not and will not adjust...we are practicing crying it out in the AMs because 6 AM is just too early! I know we will adjust and things will be just fine soon.

  • Still takes about 2 great naps per day.

  • Completely on formula now...it's been great for both of us!

  • Loves singing/talking/chatting/cooing...and I love hearing it!

  • Starting foods this week...eek!

  • No teeth yet.

  • Stands now, with support of course!

  • Working on sitting up, we're pretty close.

A BIG weekend!

Thursday was a BIG day for the Penturf family! It started out with Jim and Connie coming over around 9 in the morning to pick up SJ. She was going to spend the weekend with them while Daniel and I headed to Chattanooga for a good friend's wedding. This was our first time to leave SJ over night...and it was going to be 3 nights!! It also marked our official switch to formula! Wow! I think several people were praying for me because I did really well all weekend without my baby girl. Thanks to you if you were praying! SJ, on the other hand, had a rough first night (again, I'm so sorry Connie!) but quickly turned her attitude around on Friday and had a great rest of the weekend.

We had a fabulous time in Chattanooga and it was a HUGE blessing that we did not have SJ with us. We were able to stay late at the rehearsal dinner, sleep in, and stay late at the reception...not to mention we drove to Chattanooga and didn't have to deal with a fussy baby on the drive. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Connie for all your help. Also a big thank you to Jim for opening his home to a 6 month old and Betsy for coming to help Connie on Saturday and Sunday. We wouldn't have had such a great weekend without all 3 of you!
Jaz, Daniel, Josh, Tim and James at the rehearsal

All the OSU Alumni in attendance

Daniel, Josh, Eric and Tim at the reception

And can I please tell you for the millionth time that I have the BEST mother in law in the entire world. That little missy, drove SJ back on Sunday morning and rolled in around 11. Sweet Connie cooked dinner for us, did our laundry, vacuumed and cleaned our bathrooms. I mean, people just don't do that! But she does, what a huge blessing to come home to dinner and a clean house! She also stayed the night and made breakfast for us! My goodness, Connie, you are a saint! THANK YOU! (P.S. She already warned me not to blog about her coming over here but I had to disobey!).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Fair Family Wedding

On October 2nd, my cousin Eric got married on a beautiful bluff overlooking a lake. It was a perfect fall day...therefore, a perfect photo-op! Sarah wore her first fall dress (Thanks Leslie!)...isn't it adorable?? Congrats Eric!My sister and I, with kids in tow, also spent the evening with my dad and stepmom. Fun time getting to visit followed by a morning with Granny!

On Sunday we headed to the Tulsa State Fair. I LOVE me some fair food...corn dogs, funnel cakes, nachos, etc! I had it all! Carter is "tall enough" to buy tickets for rides...yet "not tall enough" to actually ride the rides. Those fair folks sure know how to get some money out of you! Seriously, he measured tall enough at the ticket booth, but at every single ride except the carousel he measured too small. Didn't make sense. Thankfully, Kati and Darin were able to sell their tickets to a person standing in line at a different ticket booth. We still had a great time!

A Little Girl and Her Prince

Sarah loves her daddy! She is so excited when he comes home in the evenings. She loves to sit in his lap or sit in her bouncy seat and watch him work or play the Wii. She even gets fussy if I try to hold her when he is in the room! It's very sweet to see her adore Daniel.