Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend In Pictures

Lovin' these smiles!

Just enjoying a lime while sittin' in a bucket of water...
What? This isn't how you cool off on a hot summer day? Welcome to Oklahoma!

Surprise visit by Grammy and Papa on Sunday!

Wish I had gotten more pictures with Cmom, Aunt Betsy and Grandfather!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

15 Months

It's much harder to get a good shot of a 15 month old sitting next to her doll. Actually, I would say impossible. Anyway, here is the best I could get...

Fun things SJ is doing these days:
-She is a walker...has been since about 12.5 months old. (Not sure if I've updated since then.)
- Loves to pretend! It's adorable. She talks on the phone, takes drinks, takes bites, anything that you show her, she'll sort of attempt.
-Learned how to raise the roof this week, ha!
-Says, "hi" and "da" (either da da or what's that), and babbles non-stop.
-Refuses to say "mama". She actually will blow raspberries when I tell her to say it. Stinker!
-Loves her sister! She will kiss or pat her anytime she is within reach. Actually, today she climbed on TOP of Caroline while Caroline was in the bouncy seat. Needless to say, C did NOT appreciate it! (I totally would have taken a pic if C wouldn't have been screaming!)
-Climbs on everything! She can climb onto the chair with the ottoman in our living room and is super proud of herself when she is up there. Actually, I came in her room yesterday and found her like this...she's a little monkey!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Can you tell? I see some similarities but they are definitely not identical. I've also figured out how to use my camera without flash so the lighting makes SJ look a lot whiter but I don't think she really was. Anyway, here they are at about the same age (almost two months)...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Splash Park

On Friday, July 8th, we met a bunch of church friends at the Bentonville Splash Park. This is going to be a big hit next summer for the Penturf girls! Too much work this summer for me.

SJ wasn't a fan of the water spraying her in the face!

Playing with Miss Kate. Watching the big girls...

Cutie patootie Ellie Harris

Emma Lutz watching the sprayers.

The big girls playing ring-around-the rosie.

Mr. Timmy Harris loving the water!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


My granny (Sarah and Caroline's great grandmother) came to visit this week. My cousin Dustin and his wife Karlita, along with their two boys, brought granny up Thursday evening. She hadn't met Caroline yet and just couldn't stay away any longer! We so enjoyed having everyone here. We ate out a couple of times, drove around the Bentonville square and enjoyed lots of visiting. Granny loved loving on her great granddaughters the whole time. Thanks so much for coming to visit us Granny, and thanks to Dustin and Karlita for coming with her!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smiles :) :) :)

Love. Her. That is all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, it wasn't a complete surprise, but he still didn't know exactly what was going on! Friday night was the sort-of-fake birthday party with some of Daniel's close church, college and high school friends surprising him here at the house.

Most of the babies Friday night
Back in January, I decided to throw a surprise wine tasting party for Daniel for his 30th birthday, I knew I needed that much time to plan since I wanted most of the work done before we had our new baby. We had gone to a really neat wine tasting party in Chicago a few years back and Daniel has talked about it several times since. I wasn't sure I could pull it off knowing I would have a newborn but went for it anyway. I'm so glad I did! We had a great time and Daniel loved having his friends celebrate with him! Thanks to everyone that came!

The handout at the party for each guest to reference during the tasting.

We had 8 different food and wine pairings.

Special thanks to Leslie, Dondee and Kate for their help all day Saturday in preparation for the party. Also, to Becca for outstanding pulled pork sandwiches. And to Molly for taking over the food table and getting everything out (and thawed)! Couldn't have done all of it without you ladies!

The Washington Crew

The Trinity Grace CrewThe OSU crew

Kate, Leslie, Kari and Becca
Shawn, Daniel, Rusty and T.J.

Our wonderful servers: Kiley, Melanie, Chance and Blake

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Driving up the lane to Cmom and Grandfather's house.

Sarah's first popsicle...she approved!
Cmom and Caroline

Aunt Bet Bet walking with SJ

Can't beat an Oklahoma sunset.

Breakfast on Sunday morning. Love my view!

My best fireworks shot.

(Note to self: next year, remember the tripod and get closer!)

Check out this cute little firecracker!

I absolutely love when Sarah makes this face!

Exploring Cmom's garden.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Month

Official Stats:

Weight - 9 lb 14 oz, 75th percentile

Length - 22 1/4 in, 75th percentile's really been a whole month? Yep, Saturday was the official day. I can't believe it. I'm sure I'll be saying that each month as we go through this first year, heck, the rest of my life, I'll be saying that! Caroline is absolutely precious...and this family feels complete having her with us. Well, complete for at least now...who knows what's in our future. :)

Fun Facts:

- Eats about 7 times per day

- Between about 11 PM and 7 AM wakes only one time. Yeah for sleep!

- Smiles randomly and not at anything in particular...but, it's still cute!

- Has a fairly strong neck...way stronger than SJ was at this age!

- Has great wake time during the day. Never really falls asleep unless I put her in her crib all swaddled up. (This could come back to bite me because sometimes you need your baby to sleep other places!)

Sarah and Caroline comparisons

- Biggest difference: Caroline is so impatient when she's ready to eat! SJ never really cared.

- Biggest similarity: Sleeping/Eating at night almost the exact same!