Saturday, July 28, 2012

For Aunt Susie!

She is my most faithful follower and has been asking for pictures of the girls and not my front yard. Ha! Here are a couple from my phone! Love you Aunt Susie!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Only took us 6 years... finally get a yard. I'm. So. Excited. That's all!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 3- Wednesday

Well, you get a partial run down from day 3...
5:00- woke up and came to tell me she needed to pee
5:30- still awake, pees again in toilet
6:00- finally stays in room and goes back to sleep.
7:30- Wakes up with dry undies
7:50- breakfast with juice
8:10- success!
8:30- success!
8:45- success!
After so many successes I have succumbed to the idea that she is actually potty trained...whaaaaat? Seriously, it was so easy. Praise the Lord. No really, I am singing his praises. He truly answered my prayers leading up to this week.

We've had two fully dry days (working on a third), three dry nights and three dry naps. Our biggest hurdle has been going back to sleep after waking up to go pee in the middle of the night. 5 AM (Wednesday morning) and 3 AM (Thursday morning) are not acceptable wake up this family anyway! We also ventured out yesterday to eat dinner. No accidents. Although, she did say she needed to pee but would not go in the restaurant bathroom. I guess she just held it until she got home. Peeing in public may be our next big hurdle! We'll jump it when we have to I suppose! And, for the record, I fully anticipate a few accidents in the future. They're gonna happen, however, I trust that she is 90% trained (the other 10% being public restrooms). Can't ask for more than that! Way to go Sarah and thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm so proud of her!

Day 2- Tuesday

Could it really be this easy? Was Day 1 a fluke? I was told I would need 20-30 pairs of underwear for the first day. We only used 6. Surely, it can't be this smooth! Hmm...Well, here is Day 2...
Day 2
7:45- woke up dry
7:55- cup of chocolate milk
8:05- cup of juice but did not drink
8:30- peed in potty after prompted
8:45- false alarm
9:00- breakfast w/ cup of juice
9:30- false alarm
9:35- peed in potty after prompted
9:45- more juice
10:00- false alarm sat on potty
10:15- peed in potty!
10:30- false alarm sat on potty
10:45- peed in potty and told me!
10:50- peed in potty and told me!
11:15- peed in potty after prompting
11:25- peed in potty and told me!
11:30- peed in potty
11:35- peed again in potty
12:30- accident while in high chair. Didn't even notice. Watching tv.
1:00- peed before bed
1:25- got up from bed to pee
1:55- went to sleep
4:45- I woke her up. She peed in toilet.
5:00- she said pee pee but did not need to.
5:30- told me she needed to go and did!
Forgot to document after 6. She had no accidents but a couple false alarms during dinner (maybe to get out of eating?). Anyway, it took her an hour to go to bed but she did nap until 4:45 so that's probably why. Only peed once during that hour but it was on the potty. Sadly, no bowel movements today.
11:00- dry undies but made her do a "dream pee" (kept it dark and carried her to toilet).

What a HUGELY successful day! Only one accident. What?!?! I'm in shock. I knew she was ready for this but I didn't think it would be this smooth (and not messy for me)! I know there will be accidents in the future and that's okay!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1- Monday

I finally bit the bullet and gave in to Sarah's screaming desire to be potty trained. I didn't go without my own kicking and screaming, of course. Last week, I endured THREE days of "painting with poop". I'll leave the visuals to your imagination. Let me say it involved a lot of unholy moments on my part. A. Whole. Lot. Of. Them. I decided Monday would be D-day. I informed several friends to exclude me from any plans during the week so that I didn't want to give it up. :)

I took SJ shopping for new undies, stickers and other fun stuff on Sunday. We talked a lot about potty training and she acted as uninterested as she could, ha! I also bought a vinyl mattress cover and several fitted sheets (FYI, Walmart sells solo fitted sheets!). She doesn't use blankets anyway so I pulled all of the extras off her bed for now. I figured a few extra fitted sheets and a vinyl cover would make for fairly easy bed changing in the middle of the night.

I have heard raving reviews of Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training e-book and decided it was perfect for me. Thanks to Laci for sharing it with me a while ago! I had no idea where to start and this book gives great advice. GREAT! If your child is ready, I mean really really ready, as mine was, then it probably doesn't matter the method you use. However, I love this one! Anyway, she only had 5 or 6 accidents yesterday. We completely got rid of diapers (she personally delivered all of the ones from her room to Caroline's room) so she slept at nap and night in undies. Woke up dry from both! Here is the rundown of my day yesterday. More for my future reference because I am sure I will be doing this again one year from now with C. Check back tomorrow if you're curious for Day 2 results! Oh and let me say, I am SOOOOO PROUD of Sarah! And she has really been proud of herself too. She gets the most adorable smile on her face when she pees in the toilet. Ha! The sweet little memories!

8:30- 3 sippy cups juice
10:15- accident; did not finish in toilet
10:20- prompted and she peed in toilet
10:30- accident; finished in toilet
10:55- accident; did not finish in toilet
11:15- lunch, lots of lemonade
11:30- accident in bedroom alone
1:00- peed on the potty!!!
1:55- nap time
3:30- stirring, got her up and she peed in toilet!
3:35- glass of juice
3:45- false alarm but sat on potty
4:00- false alarm but sat on potty
4:45- more juice
5:00- accident; did not finish on toilet
5:10- came to me holding undies and saying potty. POOPED in potty! Booyah!
6:00- prompted her by saying tell me when you need to pee. She told Daniel and peed in potty!
6:30- false alarm
6:45- false alarm
8:15- bed: up and down multiple times. Peed once in toilet.
9:00- finally asleep!
11:30- I checked her before I went to bed. Wet undies but still peed on potty.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My little brave girl!

SJ has come a long way since our trip to the beach! She loves the water right now! We bought her this "puddle jumper" a week ago and it has transformed her life. Seriously, she LOVES the water and as you can see in the video has no fear! I'm loving this stage as well! This puddle jumper has been the best twenty bucks I've spent in a while!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grandpa and Hunny's House!

We spent this last weekend at my dad and stepmom's house.  Kati and crew met us down there Friday night.  We really only had all day Saturday to spend with the family but it was such a great day.  It was hot, but we spent most of the day outside anyway.  That's what you do out in the country, right?  Thanks for a fabulous weekend, Dad and Lujean!

Look at these boys!  Kati said Carter has never been that dirty in his short little life.  I love it!  
 Love this pic of my brother in law, Darin!
 Stepbrother, Brandon and his wife Donna. 
 More of the little dirties!
 Carter in front, Brayden (my stepbrother's son) and Ayden in back.
 Aunt Paula with Keeli!
 Oh my word.  Look at that dirty face.  I could eat her up!
 She had a blast in that ice chest.  Granny filled it up with water and Caroline was soooo happy!
 Granny and great granddaughter, Keeli.  Granny made that sweet dress for Miss K.
 SJ loved getting a bath in this ice chest!
 Grandpa and Caroline.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Grandfather, Cmom and Aunt Bet Bet

Daniel's parents and sister came to visit a couple of weekends ago.  We had a wonderful visit that started Friday night at the square!  Cmom, SJ and I headed down for some "pickin' on the square".  Connie has heard me talk about it and was really excited to check it out.  The "pickin'" did not disappoint!  SJ loved having time alone with mommy and Cmom and ate up the outdoor and extra late night time.  

Saturday morning we met Becca, Blair and Betsy down at the square for the farmer's market, splash park and a yummy lunch at Flying Fish.  

That afternoon, Cmom and Grandfather kept the girls while Daniel, Betsy and I headed out for some shopping.  Once we got back we played some more with the girls then Daniel treated us to amazing grilled steaks, squash and good 'ol fresh Oklahoma corn thanks to Betsy, followed up with wonderful desserts that Connie made while the girls were napping.  We had such a good visit and can't wait to have everyone back soon!  Thanks for coming!

 Yes, I had two desserts.  Turn your judging eye away from me.  :)