Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring on the Square!

You may remember these pics from last spring when SJ and I held a mini photo-shoot in the tulips on the Bentonville Square.   
The square is so beautiful this time of year.  Becca and I took our girls for a dinner picnic last Thursday evening.  It was such great weather and so fun!  
Sweet Blair-bear!
 Caroline checking out the flowers...
 Sarah and Blair had so much fun sticking their feet in the fountain and getting wet!
 More Caroline cuteness.  She is the only model that doesn't move too quickly for the camera!
 And I had to share these together!  That is Sarah in the first picture and Caroline in the second.  I guess we have found one similarity between the girls.  They both hate sitting in the grass!  Ha!


Little S said...

The crying pictures are the best. And I think it's funny that SJ had a huge flower in her hair and C has a tiny bow. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, yeah Mommy dearest where is Carolines huge flower? That is what she is crying over LOL, No I am just being silly, I guess no baby likes grass, the first time I held Brachs feet on the grass he screamed and cried, you would have thought I was tying him to the stickery grass, instead of just holding him over it. LOL
I never forgot it either.

Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you Aunt Susie

Leslie said...

Love the Bentonville Square! So pretty. It's crazy how Caroline and Sarah look so different, but still look like Penturfs. Haha on the bow comparison too :)