Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July Week

We had a great week to celebrate America's Independence. The Pickerings invited us to their lake house on Grand for a couple nights. We had so much fun there. It's always relaxed and full of good conversations and friends. Chance, their son, joined us too and I do believe Miss SJ developed her first crush! Momand dad stopped by to see the girls and give Daniel a birthday gift. it was fun showing them around. Thank you for an awesome time, Molly and Kevin! 
On Friday, we left Grand Lake to head home and pack for Beaver Lake! Daniel and I just bought a popup camper! We were beyond excited to try it out for the first time and to go camping with the Smiths and Fleers. The Smiths also borrowed Brooke's dad's boat so we took it out Friday night. We cruised the lake, stopped at JJ's for dinner, sang along to a "just learned" version of Sweet Caroline then drove over to another marina to watch fireworks. Big big day and night for us! Saturday was spent being lazy during the morning then swimming for a few hours followed by a HUGE fish fry by the Smiths. Mom and dad also stopped by to see the popup on their way home from Branson. We all went home, Sunday, dirty and exhausted but full of fun memories! 


Monday, July 8, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013

A couple weeks ago 4 of my college girlfriends and I had a little reunion in Dallas. We met at Shelly's house Friday through Sunday. Friday night we had dinner at Whiskey Cake followed by a painting party in Plano. That was fun but really hard for this non-artistic chick! Pretty sure my painting isn't going up anywhere! Saturday we shopped and ate out at a couple cool restaurants in a neat little area of Dallas. Sunday we enjoyed super cool temps with coffee on Shelly's back porch. I loved sleeping in and being off mommy duty for a couple days. Thanks to Shelly for hosting us!