Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Christmas in Pictures!

Thanks to Daniel for bringing home his work computer so I could do a little blogging! Sadly, I have no pictures from Christmas in McAlester.  :(
Muskogee Christmas
Daniel and my mom with the girls.
All of my cousins' kiddos minus a couple.
 My mom and her sisters!
 This one makes me smile!
 The dudes!
 My sister and two of my cousins!
 Bixby Christmas
I tried to get them to look at me and the only thing that worked was asking where their teeth were!  Ha! Come on Keeli, you're behind!
 Penturf Christmas in Bella Vista!
Lily, Eva, Caroline and Sarah
(the only picture I have of all four of them looking)
 We tried for a PJ pic but...toddlers will be toddlers!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We are still here...

...but my computer has crapped out on me and I can't put any Christmas pictures on the blog! We aren't rushing out to buy a computer yet so those pics may have to wait a while. Darn! Until then, here are some pictures of my favorite people in the world!