Monday, November 11, 2013

Another camping trip in the books!

We enjoyed a fun fall weekend of camping last weekend. The Smiths, Fleers and Woodys joined us for a four family trip. My favorite part was that each family provided one meal. I only cooked and cleaned once all weekend. Awesome! 

Daniel and his and their toys! So dangerous! 
Brooke made giant bubbles!
Is this considered glam ping? We were able to watch the OSU/Tech game! 
Afternoon ride/walk
Merry go don't find these at many playgrounds anymore! 
SJ gave Baby Jaden a ride! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Halloween was a blast this year. Both girls looked forward to it and loved dressing up! Liney was a cat to go along with her nickname, Liney-Cat! SJ told people she was a princess named Aurora. That was true but most people know Aurora as Sleeping Beauty! We started off our festivities at Daniel's office. Thank you, Kraft, for being a fun family friendly place! We had a blast! 

Next, we headed home where Caroline decided she wanted to dress as Minnie Mouse instead. Ha! A family in our new neighborhood offered to provide dinner for the whole neighborhood so we could all have extra time to trick or treat. So nice! Another neighbor set up a trailer with hay and offered to pull all of the trick or treaters around the neighborhood. I just love this place. So much community! The girls brought home a huge load of chocolate and sugary candy. I'm loving it! :)