Wednesday, May 29, 2013

College Reunion 2013

Our 2nd annual college reunion was a blast this year. We met up with 4 other couples at Beaver Lake a couple weekends ago. I love this sweet time together. We eat, relax, eat, laugh, eat, reminisce, and (my favorite part) have a share/prayer time the last night. Last year we prayed for four of the families to become pregnant. This year we rejoiced with one another as all four were either (very) pregnant or already cuddling their newborn. How cool is that?! Praise The Lord! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our weekend!

We had such a fabulous weekend! It all started Thursday with a trip to Crystal Bridges for a ton of children's events followed by a long nap them cupcakes with the Walkers. So much fun!

We went back to Crystal Bridges on Friday night with the Woodys and Kirbys (why didn't we take pictures of ourselves?!) to view the Norman Rockwell exhibit. It was awesome! I just love living in Bentonville! We then headed to our wonderful square and ate dinner at Table Mesa. Good food, great friends and wonderful conversations, all without children. What a rare treat!!!

Saturday we hurriedly cleaned our house to show it at noon. The realtor showed up with clients at 11:30...while we were still there. How embarrassing! We quickly left and went to meet Ree and Papa for some shopping and lunch. We then came home and relaxed for a few hours before a babysitter came to keep the girls while all the adults went out for dinner, again, back at the square. This time we ate at Flying Fish, yum! We then walked around the square and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Mother's Day included church, lunch at a new Mexican restaurant and a loooong nap for me! Ahhhh, I just love these kinds of weekends! Now for some pics!