Friday, August 2, 2013


We were able to visit some BFFs in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. What. A. Weekend! The Lutzs graciously hosted us and we had a fabulous time. We drove all the way on Thursday night and arrived around 1:30. In hindsight we should have stopped in Memphis. The girls were crabbbbbby on Friday and it just wasn't worth dealing with them like that. Once they napped that afternoon they were way better. We had a yummy steak dinner on Friday night prepared by the boys. Saturday, Leslie and I did a little shopping around Nashville. We then came back home to get the kids ready to stay at Leslie's parents' house. Gigi and Dodo were super sweet to open their home to my kids. They even kept them overnight! Wow! I'm still in awe of their hospitality and selflessness, all to let us adults have a night out. So nice. The adults then headed to a beautiful outdoor concert at The Woods at Fontanel. We had beautiful weather and got to see three great bands, Guster (with surprise appearance by Ben Kweller), Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies. Guster is by far our favorite but they were not the main act so most people didn't care to see them. Soooo...we snuck up front and sat front row to enjoy the show! Don't tell on us! We then slept in the next morning and headed over to pick up the kids. Thank you Lutzs for an awesome time! And, thank you Pfisters for welcoming my kids in your home! You rock!