Friday, November 25, 2011

Mom's Family Thanksgiving

My mom's family always has a big Thanksgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  I love getting together with my aunts, uncles and cousins!  We always have a good time and of course eat way too much.  I only snapped a few pictures...I'm pretty sure I always had food in my hand instead of a camera!  Thanks Aunt Susie for hosting us this year!
My cousin Eric with his son Christian and his nephew Brach (in red)
 Brach's mom, my cousin Leslie, with her niece Gracie
 Mom and Caroline
 Aunt Susie and Leslie
 Leslie and Kati
I guess I really like taking pictures of my cousin Leslie?  She's in 4 out of 5 of these pictures!  Ha!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

6th Annual Thanksgiving Feast with Friends!

Wow, this year's feast turned into a HUGE party!  While we were sad to miss several of our usual attendees (Harris Fam, Kate, Jessica S., etc.) we were happy to welcome some first timers this year (The Terrys, Fitz, Smith Fam, The Martins, etc.).  

Here's the breakdown in numbers:  41 adults, 18 children (6 years and under), 21 pounds of ham, 2 smoked chickens, 2 smoked salmon, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, 2 sweet potato casseroles (Pioneer Woman's recipe...yummy!), 2 green bean casseroles, 2 types of stuffing, corn, rolls and tons of desserts.  Unfortunately, we didn't have quite enough food!  That was a first and of course I felt terrible!  Oh well, we'll plan better next year...and probably have way too much food!  

Special thanks to Aunt Betsy and Cmom for coming over early and helping pull off the huge feast!  Cmom wanted me to take credit for the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes but really, she did all of that!  She sure made me look good because I got a ton of compliments on those dishes!  Ha!  And to top it all off, Cmom and Betsy cleaned up after the party.  I sure have been blessed with great in-laws!

Get ready for lots of pictures...
The prep
 Food ready for the oven
 The feast...does it look like there's not enough food for 41 adults and 18 kids?  
That's because there wasn't!
 The cute Dawsons, Betsy and Chad
Seriously, two of the sweetest women I know!
Becca with Blair, Sarah with Sawyer
 Jeremy, Melanie, Riley and Jude Woody
Aren't they a beautiful family??
 The fabulous Smiths, Bryan and Brooke!
 Some handsome fellas!
Wes, Daniel and Kevin
 The Pickerings...LOVE them!
Melanie, Kevin, Molly and Chance
 Such a neat couple, Roy and Leona
 The sweet little ones loving on Caroline!
 And, one of the funniest and most adorable families, I know!  
Will, Cheli and Cleve Clark

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sisterly Love?

C:  I sure am cute sitting here with this bear.
SJ:  Whatever, I think your bear likes me better...

C:  Pleeeease give it back to me.  (If only my reach was just a little longer...)
SJ:  Nope, he wants all of my kisses. 

SJ:  Oh, and I think I'll take that headband too.
C:  Maybe if I ignore her, she'll go away.  (Why isn't she leaving...)

SJ:  Let me give you a kiss to make you feel better.  
C:  Umm, no, please no. (Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact.)

This was my attempt at a cute sister pic where both girls are sitting content and looking at the camera.  That obviously didn't happen.  In a perfect world, someday, we'll have a perfect picture.  But that would require them growing up and understanding what it means to "Sit still", "don't take your sister's bear", "leave her headband alone", "look at the camera.", "Smile." So, I'll take these pictures and be happy that they are still little.  Love my little girls!

Monday, November 7, 2011

First food!

Caroline had her first bites of real food a few weeks ago.  I forgot to document...poor second child!  She sort of opened her mouth...
 But, as you can tell from her face, she didn't really care too much for it.  It was just applesauce.  The sweetest thing, in my opinion.
Oh well, we'll try again.  I'm not really excited about starting this food stage anytime soon.  It adds so much more work!

Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Months!

Sweet baby girl is growing up so quickly!  Here are a few milestones we've hit this month:
-has become super ticklish...her little giggle puts the biggest grin on my face!
-Sleeps about 12-13 hours per night.  Naps about twice a day for about 2 hours each.
-Working on sitting up...
-We've begun the transition to formula.  She took her first formula bottle ever last night and without any problem!
-Hasn't rolled over since the last monthly post so we're not mobile yet.
-Just met her new friend, the exersaucer...loves it!
-Sucks her fingers to soothe herself.  I really tried hard on that paci, it's much easier to eventually take away than fingers!
-Not sure if I've said this before but she is now reaching for toys and things in front of her.  Love watching the concentration she has when she wants something!
-Still eating about 5 times a day.  We'll probably start working on solids in just a couple of weeks.  Not looking forward to that stage.  When they're solely on milk, it's so easy!
-Spent her first night away from me last weekend.  I really wasn't too excited about being away from her (it was only 24 hours) but knew it was good for both of us.  She was a champ.  Drank 5 bottles and slept normally.  I guess she didn't miss me!  I was glad to have homecoming and friends as distractions because I think I did pretty well too.  :)

Happy 5 months, Miss Caroline!  We love you!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

18 Months

My big girl, SJ, is 18 months old!  When did this happen?  She is growing and changing so much and I just wish I could freeze this time and bring it out again in a few years.  I'm so sad!  Anyway, here are some of her latest things to do...

-No longer takes a pacifier!!!  I just didn't give it to her one night and she never made a peep about it!
-Climbs.  On everything.  Up everything.  Around everything.  It's a little scary!
-Talks a little.  I'm the type of mom that if I don't really fully understand the word, then it doesn't count. of now, we say, "Hi", "momma", "dada", "dat" and, "moo", "nigh nigh" (night night).  She kind of babbles other things but I don't understand so I don't count them.  :)
-Can point out several body parts on herself.  Eyes, nose, mouth, hair, head, belly, etc.
-She's pretty social.  Doesn't meet too many strangers...she's definitely related to Cmom (Daniel's mom)! :)
-She's become such a great helper too!  She can pick up all her toys when it's time, throw things away, take things to/from her room on command.
-Has recently found a new obsession with washing her hands.  It cracks me up!
-Has learned what timeout really means.  She used to love it, ha!  She finally figured out that it's a discipline time.  No longer a fan but she complies when it's time.
-Pretty good eater...just wish I could get her to say "eat" when she's hungry instead of crying/screaming!
-Gave up the morning nap...I was most hesitant to drop it but it was definitely time!
-And loves her sister.  She loves to hand her toys, but when C won't take them SJ puts them on her face instead.  Ha!

We love you Miss Sarah Jane!  Wish time went a little bit slower so we could soak up more of this age with you.  Just so you know, you are my favorite Sarah in the world!  Thanks for bringing so much joy, love and laughter to our lives!  We look forward to watching you grow up, mature and become a precious young lady in the coming years.  Just don't do it too soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Halloween Post

I'll spare you any really only care to see the pictures!
Stylish little '50s Lady in her poodle skirt.  

She kept dancing in this skirt! Ha!
  It was hard to get a good pic of C in her wings and red this is what you get!

We joined some friends for dinner...Bob the Builder and Captain America!
Then stopped by to see the Kirbys at their church's Trunk or Treat.  
Look at that adorable little butterfly...little miss Blair!