Friday, January 10, 2014

Cotton Bowl 2014

The first weekend of 2014 we headed to Dallas to see the Cotton Bowl. Our Cowboys were playing the Missouri Tigers so we met up with the Lutzs, who went to MIZ! How fun for our favorite teams to play each other. Perfect excuse for a get together! And, I got to meet their newest addition, Lily! she's so precious and barely seemed to be present all weekend. Such a good baby! The game was pretty good but sadly didn't finish the way we wanted it to. The Lutzs were happy though! 

On Saturday we had brunch at a neat restaurant that Fred picked out. His sister joined us as well and we all had fun visiting over food and not wrangling kids the entire time! After brunch we headed to Ikea.  I think I set a record and was only in there an hour...not that the guys rushed us or anything...ok, they really didn't. After ikea we stopped by my good friend, Shelly's house. It was fun seeing her and her kids and relaxing and chatting. Thanks for having us Shelly! 

After Shelly's we headed back to the hotel, super fancy and nice hotel by the way! Thanks to Fred for that hookup! We enjoyed being lazy and slowly getting ready for dinner at The Capital Grille. So yummy! 

Sunday morning we dropped the Lutzs off at the airport then headed home. Our 5.5 hr trip turned into 6.5 because bad weather had moved into Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. It could have been worse! We were happy to get back and see our girls. I think they were excited too! Thank you Fred, Leslie and Lily for such a fun weekend getaway! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year!

We had a small get together for New Year's. the Fleers and Woodys joined us for gumbo and dessert. We had a special dinner and countdown for the kids at 7pm. They had "sparkly juice", special jello cups and homemade pizza. After dinner and dessert we counted down and had a balloon drop then danced. They all seemed to love it! The three big kids then had a sleepover in SJ's room. Caroline was evicted after several attempts to make her stay in bed. Once all the kids were down we enjoyed an easy-going adult dinner. We each came up with a question or two to ask the group which gave us lots of laughs and helped everyone get to know each other better. At midnight we all shared a kiss (or two!) with our significant other and soon after headed to bed. It was a good good night! 

Here's a little interview I found on Pinterest. If I remember I'll ask the girls every year! 

What is your name? Cawoliney (love hearing her say this!)
How old are you? 2
Favorite color?  "Bew" (blue) and orange
Best friend? "Sawah"
One place you'd like to visit? "Chick a lay" (Chick fil A)
If you could help anyone who would it be? Sawah and help her exercise. Ha!

What is your name? Sarah Penturf Jane (working on that order there!)
How old are you? "Free" (3)
Favorite color? Pink and "purpur"
Best friend? "Cawoline"
One place you'd like to visit? McDonald's to eat "bwekfast"
If you could help anyone who would it be? Riley and Jude and help them get up the slide at the water pool. (Where'd that come from!?!?) 

Christmas in Pictures

Christmas at Ree and Papa's
Real. Life. Someday we'll get a "good" picture but this pretty much sums up the four of them! 
Christmas with The Aunts! 
Dirty Santa got really dirty...I'm looking at you Kati Zumwalt....

I have no pics from McAlester's celebrations. Dad made us some deer chili, my brother came to town and met Caroline for the first time! He was in basic training when she was born then in Germany for a couple of years. He's now in Texas so was able to come hang out this year! We had a great lunch from dad, Lujean, granny and Aunt Paula! We also went to church with Granny and Aunt Paula. Great time! 

This is our drive home after 3 Christmas parties packed into 48 hours. That's a ladder protruding from the back. The car was packed from top to bottom and front to back!  We. Were. Exhausted!

Christmas Eve at home. We had a great service at church, yummy dinner and opened gifts Christmas morning. 
One of SJ's gifts was a new car seat! She's proud of her "big girl" seat!
My newest nephew, Luke!

Eva, SJ and goofy Liney!

Grandfather and Uncle Nate braved the four wheeler with all 4 of the girls. They all loved it!