Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 Month Stats

Because I can't have a post without a pic...she was drinking a bottle before we met some friends for lunch and pulled it out and it sprayed all over her face. Silly girl!
We had our 9 month checkup today and SJ did fantastic. She didn't have shots so that's probably most of it! She officially weighs 18 pounds 14 ounces which according to the doctor is the 50th percentile. She is 27.5 inches long which is the 75th percentile and her head was 17 inches I think which is also the 75th percentile. I'm glad she's growing. She's been wearing 9 month clothing for about a month now and I can tell some pieces are getting snug. I am really sad that our next well checkup is for her ONE YEAR appointment. Really? I mean, I'm pretty sure I just brought this chica home from the hospital. At least we get to start all over with baby girl #2 in June! Ha!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9 Months!

Sarah is 9 months old! We'll get official weight and height stats on Thursday but for now here are some new fun facts!
  • Started officially crawling on January 9th! And by official I mean on all fours and moving across the room. It's so cute!
  • Pulls up to her knees and pushes herself into a sitting position after crawling somewhere.
  • Waves at people!
  • Loves having her diaper changed...ha!
  • Loves to talk...dadada, bababa, nanana, gagaga, blablabla and probably some others I just can't remember. Today I caught her talking to her toys while she played in the living room. It was soooo cute!
  • Pretty much has given up the pacifier except when she is in her bed. And, she only plays with it in there...usually falls asleep without it in her mouth. I try to limit her use outside of bed...hopefully that will make the transition off of it easier...we'll see!
  • Has started "playing" in her crib before she goes to sleep. I love watching her on the video monitor. After about 15 minutes of crawling and rolling around she'll give it up and fall asleep.
  • Eats about 6 servings of food per day and about 20-24 oz of formula. She's a great eater!

Daniel and I have been blessed with a fantastic daughter. I cannot believe she is such a happy and content little girl. I never imagined a baby so wonderful. It's crazy! I guess that's why we decided to have another so soon! :) I'm going to have a hard time not comparing the two girls. Please give me gentle reminders that they are different people if I compare too much!! We love Sarah more than words can describe. She has honestly been the best gift either of us have ever received...ok, ok, other than our Salvation. Thank you Jesus! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Face

I've been getting this face a lot lately...she also sniffs really fast while making it. It makes me laugh!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our First Snow Day!

I consider Thursday our first official snow day because Daniel actually had to stay home and work. School was out last Tuesday but he still managed to make it to! Anyway, Daniel worked and I had one of my most productive days in a while! It's so much easier to clean when another adult is here to talk to me. Weird! Anyway, we took a break to introduce SJ to the snow...enjoy the pics!

All bundled up ready to go outside.

We didn't really let her in the snow but she seemed happy :).

Something was really funny!

My little family!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sarah had Blair over the other night and they seemed really intrigued by each other. SJ was most interested in Blair's eyes while Blair seemed to just be into Sarah's movements. They were precious!

Sarah crawled over to Blair at one point and made her self comfy...right between Blair's legs, ha!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Many Changes!

Little Miss has learned how to pull herself up on the side of the crib! She hasn't figured out how to stand up yet but we went ahead and moved the mattress down...which makes me sad because she's no longer a little baby! Toddler days are too close for my liking!

And, the other evening I went in and moved all of the bumpers because she had been pulling up on top of them instead of going to sleep. I should have pulled all of them out but I didn' is what I found the next morning...

She is fast asleep here!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

She found it...

...our secret spying device. Love her curiosity!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby #2 is a...

GIRL!This little girl is going to be so blessed because I think she will have the best big sister in the world! I pray they are the best sister/friend to each other that every girl wants/needs! How neat to be only about 13 months apart. They will be the same season so I won't need any clothes (Daniel is relieved!). I have been feeling this baby girl move for about 3 weeks now. It's been fun to feel her and it was really fun to see her today. SJ even seemed excited during the ultrasound...she just stared at the large TV and talked and babbled the entire time. Too cute! I cannot wait until these two are running around together, playing, sharing secrets, and being cute adorable sisters! Ahh, be still my heart...

Monday, January 10, 2011

And she's off...

Well, pretty close anyway....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is this considered brainwashing?

Two basketball goals already and I plan to buy Sarah the taller stand up basketball goal for her birthday. This former basketball coach hopes she loves the sport! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rock and Roll Baby

Up on all fours and rocking back and forth...

Ahh, rolling over would be much easier!

She's so close to crawling. I'm so excited to watch her explore this stage. It's adorable!
And you expected something about music...sorry to disappoint! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's in Philly

Sure have missed this face!

Loved getting to meet Miss Emma!

We had the privilege of traveling to Philadelphia for New Year's weekend to visit our good friends the Lutzs. They moved in June from Bentonville. It was fun to see where they lived and what the "older" part of the country looks like. So much history there! Very neat!

Friday evening, Fred made an amazing Prime Rib dinner. That was my favorite meal of the entire weekend! Leslie, Emma and I got to go shopping on Saturday. It was a fun time just casually strolling through the mall, eating mall chinese and treating ourselves to some yummy gelato! We also saw Kate Flannery...the very funny Meredith from The Office. Nobody in the mall seemed to recognize her...or just didn't care to talk to her so we also avoided her (actually, I'm just a chicken!). It was definitely her though, I googled her while we were eating and found out she is from Philly!

Sunday we all drove downtown and checked out a really neat market area. We then split up from the guys and went to Babies-R-Us so I could check out double strollers with Leslie's car seat and a toddler. The babies were wonderful models and I think I've made a decision on what to buy! Later that night we ate at a really good restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. The whole weekend was full of cuddling with Emma, great conversations and eating! We already miss you Lutz Family!

Our flights turned out to be not so friendly both going and coming. Praise the Lord my MIL was not only willing but eager to keep SJ for us! We were so blessed to not have her on our trip...that sounds bad but I mean it in a good way! I know SJ was spoiled with attention, loving and lots and lots of kisses! C-ma also brought SJ home to us on Monday evening and had dinner ready for us...although, I'm sad to say we missed dinner because we missed our connection in Atlanta. Thanks C-ma for being amazing and helping us out over the weekend! We love you!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Christmas Post

Dec. 23...Christmas in Bixby.
Dancing with Carter!Opening gifts with help from Carter!

Dec. 24th...

Hanging out with Himali!
(one of my very best friends from high school!)

Dec. 25th...Christmas in Chouteau

Opening gifts from the Penturf side of the family!
I think she looks so big in this picture!

Dec. 26th...Christmas in McAlester with my Dad's side of the family.

A pink tricycle from Grandpa and Hunny!
(I think we have some growing to do!)

Hanging with Uncle B!
(My brother, Bradley)

Back to Chouteau that evening with matching PJs
from Cma and Grandfather for Lily and SJ.

We actually stayed in Chouteau from Saturday the 25th through Thursday the 30th. We got to enjoy special time with my sister in law, Carrie, and her family. They live in Michigan so we don't get to see them that often. Cousin Lily will be a big sister in March...we can't wait to meet Eva! Betsy also got to spend some quality time with us for a few days. We were sad that she had to go home on Monday though. Daniel went home and worked Tuesday and Wednesday and came back to Chouteau on Wednesday night. On Thursday, he and I left SJ with Cma and headed home to pack for our trip to Philly to see the Lutzs. More on that trip in another post! It was a fun Christmas trip but I am so glad to be home for a while now!