Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas #3

Christmas #3 was celebrated at Grandpa Charlie and Hunny's house in McAlester on Friday.  It was such a fun time hanging out in their new house.  They lavished the kids with wonderful gifts and of course doted on them the whole time.  We loved all of our time with everybody!
Carter never sits with Uncle D.  I think all the visiting we've done over the last two months has forced these two to bond.  :)
I'm pretty sure I would have as many babies as possible if they all stayed this between 6-9 months.  My absolute favorite!
Caroline with Granny (her great grandmother!)
I thought this pic was funny because Sarah is at the table with all the men! Ha!
Oh look at that cutie patootie, Brody!  
And his super sweet big brother, Chance.

That's my aunt Paula!  We finally got a grandkid in this family that has the red hair!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas #2

We celebrated our immediate family Christmas on Wednesday night before the "Tour 'de Oklahoma" began on Thursday.  I haven't gotten much into wrapping for SJ and C yet.  However, I'm learning that SJ loves to open gifts!  We'll do better next year!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas #1

We have many Christmas celebrations every year.  The first one was celebrated with my mom's extended family in Oklahoma this past Saturday.  We always have so much fun.  It's so good to get together...I just miss the old days when we could all stay the night together!  :(  Enjoy the pics!

 Look at all of those gifts!

C and her fingers in her mouth!

 Sister! and my awesome brother in law, Darin!

She knows she's not supposed to go up the stairs...but she's pretty cute anyway!
 I love the look on her face looking up at daddy!
 All of the cousins' kiddos!  Caroline in the front might be the funniest part!
Sweet Gracie, ready for gifts!
 Dayton and Braxton can't wait to open their gifts, either!
 The aunts!
 These boys are getting so big!  Chayton and Brach
 Mike and Laci!
 Eric and Chastity!  
 And all of my cousins and our spouses!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New York City

What a fabulous trip we had!  Three girlfriends and I planned this trip for the better part of the last 5 or 6 months.  We bought our tickets 3 months ago and set about planning the 4 days we would have together.  So much thanks goes to my fabulous husband for staying home, alone mind you, with both girls.  I'm so happy and blessed to have a husband that didn't even think twice about sending me on this trip.  Thanks Daniel!  Get ready for A LOT of pictures!

Night 1 - 
Dinner at Balthazar in Soho
 Walking around Rockefeller Plaza
 That famous Christmas tree!
 Times Square!
 Day 2-
New York Public Library
Somewhere between the library and the next picture we met up with Becca and had lunch at a great pizza place across from our hotel.
A little view from Central Park
 Carriage ride through Central park.  
At some point our carriage driver pulled over and ran into a restaurant to use the restroom.  So random!
 You know you're jealous that you didn't get to see this in person. Also, sometime after this, somebody had to clip some toenails just on the other side of those people. Ha! That certain someone shall remain nameless.  :)  
 The one famous person we saw! 
 Okay, it's not really him...but, we actually did see Harry Connick Jr.   Well, Becca and Leslie did, I was too cold to care.  We also saw somebody that was "famous" but we had no idea who he was!  Seriously, people were lining up to get their pic with him, we just kept walking.  
I'm pretty proud of ourselves for figuring out this subway system!  

 Day 3 -
9-11 Memorial
 We took a break to rest our feet at Madison Square Garden.  
It just so happened that Duke was playing followed by Oklahoma State.  Score!  
Becca is a huge fan of Duke and of course I love my Cowboys!
"Long live the King, I'm from the Empire State, that's New York!" 
 We saw Sister Act at the Broadway Theater.  Such a great show!
 And, I snapped this illegal picture just before the show started.  Great seats, no?
Such a fun trip to celebrate Leslie's big 30th birthday.  We had fabulous food, great girl talk, and made some great memories together.  I'm so so so thankful for this trip.  I've thought about this a lot since but one thing I really treasured was the ability to finish a conversation.  That is such a small thing but it really holds a lot.  So often, these days anyway, we are interrupted by sweet little babies that just need our attention.  I love my role as a mother so this is not in any way a complaint.  But, I often leave conversations realizing I never finished a thought, or let another person finish their's.  I really appreciated finishing our conversations!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Penturfs

We had a yummy "southern" Thanksgiving with Daniel's family on Thanksgiving evening.  We had ham, cheese grits, sweet potatoes, red velvet cake and many other things!  It was so tasty!  I don't know why I didn't take too many pictures in Mazie, America but I stole these from my MIL.  
Her face is funny here!  Sort of looks like Little Red Riding Hood!
 Betsy made the red velvet cake!  Yum-o!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in Scipio...#2

My dad's side of the family celebrated Thanksgiving in Scipio again on Thanksgiving Day (I'm a little behind getting this post out there!).  This was a special day, not only because all of the family was together, but because Caroline met her great-great-grandmother for the first time!  My great grandmother, Grandma Tat, is 100 years old!  She'll be 101 in March.  She lived alone for over 30 years and just recently moved into a nursing home.  Wow!  I'm so glad she has gotten to meet my girls and for the sweet pictures we will always have.  Enjoy the pics!

 Our stepmom, Lujean!
 Can you see Sarah's face in this picture?  It cracks me up!
 Caroline and Grandpa Charlie (my dad)...She definitely takes after him as far as eyes and hair color go!