Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week in review...

Tutored. A lot.
Snow. But not enough.
OKC trip, great view from hotel and saw TJ.
Kept the Zumwalts!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For Salle and Aunt Susie!

Still no computer so it's hard to get a good post up! However, I will check in for a few minutes. Hmm, what's new? Well, we officially listed our house with a realtor. Will you join us in praying for a quick smooth sale? Thanks!
Also, I turned another year older...I'm "in to" my 30s now. I'm old. but, Theo's gave me free dessert and some friends gave me a sweet GNO!
We are still trying to sell Daniel's truck...somebody please buy it!
I've been tutoring about 5 nights a week. I enjoy being able to stay in education in a different manner and make some extra cash while doing it. However, it's kept my evenings super busy. Thankfully, my wonderful husband is okay with taking over the girls as soon as I'm gone. Thanks D!
We all got sick last week. I had my first experience with toddler puke. Yuck. I also threw up so hard I guess I burst a blood vessel in my eye??
Oh, and lastly, I finished SJ's new dresser. This dresser is from Daniel's dad, Jim. It belonged to one of his parents and when they moved last March I asked if I could have it. He was gracious enough to give it to me and I'm excited to have the finished product with the history behind it!
Not much else is going on except a fun OKC Thunder game in the near future. Can. Not. Wait!!!