Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sisterly Love?

C:  I sure am cute sitting here with this bear.
SJ:  Whatever, I think your bear likes me better...

C:  Pleeeease give it back to me.  (If only my reach was just a little longer...)
SJ:  Nope, he wants all of my kisses. 

SJ:  Oh, and I think I'll take that headband too.
C:  Maybe if I ignore her, she'll go away.  (Why isn't she leaving...)

SJ:  Let me give you a kiss to make you feel better.  
C:  Umm, no, please no. (Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact.)

This was my attempt at a cute sister pic where both girls are sitting content and looking at the camera.  That obviously didn't happen.  In a perfect world, someday, we'll have a perfect picture.  But that would require them growing up and understanding what it means to "Sit still", "don't take your sister's bear", "leave her headband alone", "look at the camera.", "Smile." So, I'll take these pictures and be happy that they are still little.  Love my little girls!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, Thank you sooo much for posting these adorable pictures!! I couldn't help but laugh out loud at poor baby Carolines little arm wanting her little bear back. AWWWWW I love the way SJ gives her a little kiss to smooth everything over. Precious!!! i love and miss you all. Aunt Susie

kati said...

Cutest sister pics ever!

Little S said...

Haha! I love the expressions on C's face.