Wednesday, November 2, 2011

18 Months

My big girl, SJ, is 18 months old!  When did this happen?  She is growing and changing so much and I just wish I could freeze this time and bring it out again in a few years.  I'm so sad!  Anyway, here are some of her latest things to do...

-No longer takes a pacifier!!!  I just didn't give it to her one night and she never made a peep about it!
-Climbs.  On everything.  Up everything.  Around everything.  It's a little scary!
-Talks a little.  I'm the type of mom that if I don't really fully understand the word, then it doesn't count. of now, we say, "Hi", "momma", "dada", "dat" and, "moo", "nigh nigh" (night night).  She kind of babbles other things but I don't understand so I don't count them.  :)
-Can point out several body parts on herself.  Eyes, nose, mouth, hair, head, belly, etc.
-She's pretty social.  Doesn't meet too many strangers...she's definitely related to Cmom (Daniel's mom)! :)
-She's become such a great helper too!  She can pick up all her toys when it's time, throw things away, take things to/from her room on command.
-Has recently found a new obsession with washing her hands.  It cracks me up!
-Has learned what timeout really means.  She used to love it, ha!  She finally figured out that it's a discipline time.  No longer a fan but she complies when it's time.
-Pretty good eater...just wish I could get her to say "eat" when she's hungry instead of crying/screaming!
-Gave up the morning nap...I was most hesitant to drop it but it was definitely time!
-And loves her sister.  She loves to hand her toys, but when C won't take them SJ puts them on her face instead.  Ha!

We love you Miss Sarah Jane!  Wish time went a little bit slower so we could soak up more of this age with you.  Just so you know, you are my favorite Sarah in the world!  Thanks for bringing so much joy, love and laughter to our lives!  We look forward to watching you grow up, mature and become a precious young lady in the coming years.  Just don't do it too soon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, Awww she is sooo big!!! She is so cute and she just shines with happiness and love!!!! I can't wait to see you all! Love you aunt susie

Leslie said...

Wow! She looks so big! And, she finally has hair! She's a cutie and I love to hear about her latest antics!

Kati said...

Cutie patootie

Little S said...

Oh Sarah, how we miss you! Hearing about all your latest developments makes me super sad that we live so far away. You are turning into a beautiful little girl! Good job giving up the pacifier! Maybe you could give Anna a little pep talk about not sucking fingers. :) Tell your mommy that you want to take a road trip to Nebraska.