Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Months!

Sweet baby girl is growing up so quickly!  Here are a few milestones we've hit this month:
-has become super ticklish...her little giggle puts the biggest grin on my face!
-Sleeps about 12-13 hours per night.  Naps about twice a day for about 2 hours each.
-Working on sitting up...
-We've begun the transition to formula.  She took her first formula bottle ever last night and without any problem!
-Hasn't rolled over since the last monthly post so we're not mobile yet.
-Just met her new friend, the exersaucer...loves it!
-Sucks her fingers to soothe herself.  I really tried hard on that paci, it's much easier to eventually take away than fingers!
-Not sure if I've said this before but she is now reaching for toys and things in front of her.  Love watching the concentration she has when she wants something!
-Still eating about 5 times a day.  We'll probably start working on solids in just a couple of weeks.  Not looking forward to that stage.  When they're solely on milk, it's so easy!
-Spent her first night away from me last weekend.  I really wasn't too excited about being away from her (it was only 24 hours) but knew it was good for both of us.  She was a champ.  Drank 5 bottles and slept normally.  I guess she didn't miss me!  I was glad to have homecoming and friends as distractions because I think I did pretty well too.  :)

Happy 5 months, Miss Caroline!  We love you!


Aunt Bug said...

Happy 5 months Carol! I love you so much and I know, I know. I'm your favorite aunt. Hopefully, I will see you this weekend cutie. <---Kari, tell her I said that and give kisses for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, 5 months already!! Good night it goes so fast. She is so CUTE!!I love reading about both of the girls even though they don't know me :(, I feel as if I know them. Keep those pictures and milestone updates coming!!! I love and miss you all Aunt Susie