Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just for you Aunt Su Su

Aunt Susie, this video is for you!  She was sitting on my lap and I told her who we were going to see on Saturday.  When I said we would see Aunt Su Su, Sarah replied, "Su Su, cute!"  I tried to get her to say it again on video but couldn't.  Either way, she gives you a kiss and then shows you her little Minnie.  :)  Love you Aunt Susie!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, I commented on this yesterday I have no idea where it went to. I just love her talking so very sweet. she gave me a kiss awww I feel special. I love how she says Cinderellalala soo sweet. I can't wait to see everyone I am really excited for the little ones. I love you all aunt susie