Tuesday, May 15, 2012

College Reunion 2012!

You know when you have a weekend where every little detail and minute is almost perfection?  We just had one of those!  I could really describe several of this year's "getaways" that way and this last weekend was no exception.  Daniel and I joined four other couples that we mostly know from college at Grand Lake in Oklahoma.  

The other 4 wives didn't attend OSU but we've met them or hung out here and there post college.  This weekend was so nice to spend getting to know these other ladies a little better.  All of these guys were like my big brothers in college.  They all have a special place in my heart so of course their wives would be amazing women or they wouldn't have married them!  There were 10 adults and 4 children and we had a beautiful house RIGHT on the water.  We played games, ate (A LOT), built campfires, and enjoyed lots of good conversations.  Everyone seemed on board with turning this into a yearly tradition!  Fun!  I love that Daniel and I got to spend some sweet time with these other wonderful couples.  We look forward to seeing what the Lord does in their lives and praying for them in the coming year.  

And now...MAJOR picture overload...
 Josh and Caroline
 James and Samantha
 Lora and Eric
 Tim and Joani
 SJ exploring the lake.
 Eli enjoying the bounce house.  

 Seriously, how cute is Bennett?!
 A fairly normal family pic!
 The guys...
...the gals.
 Giant bonfire!
 Driving Miss Sarah.  


Anonymous said...

Dear kari, that bonfire looks a tad scary!!! but the rest looks like heavenly relaxation and FUN!! I sure do wish Larry and I had done more when we were younger, you kids keep on enjoying and most of all keep the pic "overload" (NOT) on a coming. I went YEA for pictures. Your friends look so nice. I sure do love you all Aunt Susie

Kati said...

What? Crocs????