Wednesday, March 7, 2012

White Rock Mountain

We spent the weekend with the Woody and Smith families at White Rock Mountain.  Melanie's brother rented a couple of cabins and invited all of us to tag along.  It sounded great so we said sure!  There were a few things that turned out to make it a little more work than I had anticipated.  Caroline having a fever off and on due to teething, Daniel being scheduled for an unexpected business trip having to leave on Saturday morning.  A 16 mile rough dirt road IN A MINIVAN! Ha!  And then, signs like this...

Watch your children?  Yikes!  We were about 30-50 feet away from major drop offs on the bluffs!  There were even signs in our cabin that said watch your steps outside.  We also thought we were getting a two bedroom cabin but turns out it was a two room cabin meaning one bedroom and a living room.  Hmm...three kids and four is this going to work?  We threw all three of the girls in the bedroom and the four adults slept in the living room.  It actually worked great except for C waking up at 2 AM.  :(  Sorry Brooke and Bryan!  It was also super cold so we didn't get to spend much time outside.  We did go on a short walk Saturday afternoon and this is what we got to see!
Brooke and Bryan went on a walk to catch the sunset and caught these great pics!
The kids loved jumping on the mattress in the living room. Aren't they cute!

On my drive home Sunday I decided to take my time and get some landscape and road shots.  
 That is downhill and super windy...most of the 16 miles were like this!
 And below is my not-so-great attempt at a landscape picture.  The sky was really grayish blue and the mountains were so pretty in person.  Wish I could have captured it better.
It was a really fun time to spend together with the Smiths, Woodys and Alex.  I just vote for a comfy nice house that we can all stay in next time...possibly in Branson with some shopping?  What do ya say girls???  


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, I just love it that you and Daniel go with friends all the time. So many memories! You know the best ones are going to be the ones where you only get a 2 room cabin and everyone just gets where ever, or when you just have to go with what you have and laugh about it later. Keep on making memories. I love and miss you all Aunt susie

Little S said...

What fun! Miss you guys!!

Leslie said...

Sounds like an adventure. :) Those cliffs would scare me to death... look beautiful though! About 10 years from now, this would be a blast... and maybe a few more cabins.