Thursday, September 8, 2011


She's learning so much and doing so much here lately! SJ can now throw things away for me, wipe her table clean, put toys away, cheesy-smile for the camera (as evidenced below), throw a ball and climb up and onto anything (please see tomorrow's post about that!).
She also likes to wear her tennis shoes to church...okay, she did not enjoy that but we lost her sandals and so this was the next best thing...

We love this little girl so much! However, she is into everything! While I'll admit that it drives me crazy most days, I have to remind myself that she will be out of this stage way too fast! I'm so sad thinking of her growing up and maturing so quickly.


Kati said...

Aww sissy is so cute. What a little ham! Love her!!

Leslie said...

So cute! I love the cheesy smile. It does go way too fast.