Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Month

Official Stats:

Weight - 9 lb 14 oz, 75th percentile

Length - 22 1/4 in, 75th percentile

Umm...it's really been a whole month? Yep, Saturday was the official day. I can't believe it. I'm sure I'll be saying that each month as we go through this first year, heck, the rest of my life, I'll be saying that! Caroline is absolutely precious...and this family feels complete having her with us. Well, complete for at least now...who knows what's in our future. :)

Fun Facts:

- Eats about 7 times per day

- Between about 11 PM and 7 AM wakes only one time. Yeah for sleep!

- Smiles randomly and not at anything in particular...but, it's still cute!

- Has a fairly strong neck...way stronger than SJ was at this age!

- Has great wake time during the day. Never really falls asleep unless I put her in her crib all swaddled up. (This could come back to bite me because sometimes you need your baby to sleep other places!)

Sarah and Caroline comparisons

- Biggest difference: Caroline is so impatient when she's ready to eat! SJ never really cared.

- Biggest similarity: Sleeping/Eating at night almost the exact same!


Leslie said...

That picture is so great!! I can't wait to meet her tomorrow!! YAY!

Kati said...

#2) Biggest similarity: In love with Aunt Bug as I am with them!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, Our sweet baby Caroline is so adorable. I could have just held her all day!!! Can't wait to see SJ!!!! Love you all Aunt Susie