Saturday, July 16, 2011


My granny (Sarah and Caroline's great grandmother) came to visit this week. My cousin Dustin and his wife Karlita, along with their two boys, brought granny up Thursday evening. She hadn't met Caroline yet and just couldn't stay away any longer! We so enjoyed having everyone here. We ate out a couple of times, drove around the Bentonville square and enjoyed lots of visiting. Granny loved loving on her great granddaughters the whole time. Thanks so much for coming to visit us Granny, and thanks to Dustin and Karlita for coming with her!


Leslie said...

You all have been quite the hosts lately! Glad Granny got to meet those sweet little girls!

Kati said...

So cute. Didn't know Granny came and saw you. Jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, I am so glad she got to make the trip and see the girls!!! Thats wonderful!!!!! Very sweet pictures of them. I love and miss you all, Aunt Susie