Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9 Months!

Sarah is 9 months old! We'll get official weight and height stats on Thursday but for now here are some new fun facts!
  • Started officially crawling on January 9th! And by official I mean on all fours and moving across the room. It's so cute!
  • Pulls up to her knees and pushes herself into a sitting position after crawling somewhere.
  • Waves at people!
  • Loves having her diaper changed...ha!
  • Loves to talk...dadada, bababa, nanana, gagaga, blablabla and probably some others I just can't remember. Today I caught her talking to her toys while she played in the living room. It was soooo cute!
  • Pretty much has given up the pacifier except when she is in her bed. And, she only plays with it in there...usually falls asleep without it in her mouth. I try to limit her use outside of bed...hopefully that will make the transition off of it easier...we'll see!
  • Has started "playing" in her crib before she goes to sleep. I love watching her on the video monitor. After about 15 minutes of crawling and rolling around she'll give it up and fall asleep.
  • Eats about 6 servings of food per day and about 20-24 oz of formula. She's a great eater!

Daniel and I have been blessed with a fantastic daughter. I cannot believe she is such a happy and content little girl. I never imagined a baby so wonderful. It's crazy! I guess that's why we decided to have another so soon! :) I'm going to have a hard time not comparing the two girls. Please give me gentle reminders that they are different people if I compare too much!! We love Sarah more than words can describe. She has honestly been the best gift either of us have ever received...ok, ok, other than our Salvation. Thank you Jesus! :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, I love reading all SJ's new milestones, I think she is very special and she will be a super big sister. I love to read how good you guys are with her, I did so many things wrong with mine and you younger mom's let the babies do lots for themselves and this is VERY GOOD!!! Keep posting I love you all Aunt Susie P.S. thanks for the card. XOXO

Kati said...

Cute, cute