Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 Months!

Really? It's been 4 whole months? I don't believe it! Here is her 4 month pic. Wish she would have smiled but it was nap time so this was the best she felt like offering.
My baby girl is growing up and changing so much. Dearest SJ, please slow down! We go for our 4 month checkup tomorrow so I will post stats sometime later. As of today...we can roll over when on our belly! I love that she is starting to get mobile but I also love that I can lay her down and she stays put for a while...which do I really want right now? She doesn't love being on her belly as evidenced in the video. She loves laying on her back and does a really good job of rolling to her side. She may start rolling over from back to belly soon as well!

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Kati said...

LOVE her!