Monday, October 17, 2011


Sarah and Caroline had their 18 and 4 month checkups today.  Both girls are growing! Sarah has grown 3 inches in the the last two and a half months but only gained a few ounces in weight.  She's a climber!  Check out the pic below!  I had just taken clothes out of the dryer and walked them to the living room.  When I came back this is how I found her.  Crazy girl!
Sarah's Stats
33.25 inches - 90th percentile
24 lbs 14 oz - 60th percentile
Caroline is growing even quicker!  The nurse measured her length, walked out of the room, then walked back in and said, "I don't think I measured her right, the length seems too long."  So she measured her length again and sure enough, the first measurements were right!  She's grown nearly 4 inches in the last 2.5 months!  Wow!  She's also added about 2.5 lbs in weight.  And, as I sat here typing this paragraph, I looked down at her in the floor and she had rolled over to her belly!  So, I guess she can roll over now?  Too many changes and too soon!
Caroline's Stats
26 inches - 95th percentile
14 lbs 2 oz - 60th percentile


Aunt Bug said...

Aww my precious nieces! Give them kisses for me!

Leslie said...

Funny how similar percentiles they are. Love these girls. Caroline'e eyes in that last picture are so cute and I can't believe how much Sarah climbs! She has no fear!

Anonymous said...

Awww Dear Kari, I am looking at our beautiful precious GIRLS!!!! my goodness they are growing so fast!! I don't get to see you guys near often enough! :( But I do know that you are young and you have a wonderful group of young people and friends there and I am so PROUD and happy for you guys. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to see you all!! I love and miss you all Aunt Susie