Friday, March 18, 2011

More visits from friends!

Last Wednesday my friend Lindsey and her 3 kids came for a little visit. It was such a fun time having them here! We didn't plan much except a concert on Thursday night. Daniel kept all 4 kids while Lindsey and I headed to Fayetteville to a concert that neither of us knew the people playing...or so we thought! Turns out we knew a lot of the songs by headliner, Brandon Heath, even though we didn't know his name before! Thanks Daniel, for being willing to brave 4 kids at once! (By the way, he had all 4 kids in bed and asleep about 1 hour after we left, that's impressive!)

Riley and Jude Woody came for a few hours on Thursday are a couple of shots of snack time! I think Lindsey and I realized we could NOT run a daycare! It was fun but I could not do 6 kids day in and day out! It's tiring! (Miss Mallory is missing in the pics because she was still napping.)
Sarah and Jude

James, Kinley and Riley (I love how James is smiling at Riley!)

Thanks Morris Family for coming to visit! We enjoyed having you all here!

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