Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice Cream and Pregnancy

I decided to be nice and share my ice cream with SJ tonight. She obviously loved was chocolate and she is female afterall!

"Dad, I don't have time to take a picture, I'm in the middle of eating yummy goodness!"
I remember being younger and wearing my shirt on my head like it was hair...she seemed to not mind it there either. :)
And just to document a couple of things in my current girl is moving like crazy! I've seen my belly move a few times which is probably one of the neatest parts of being pregnant. I held Sarah like a little baby today to sing her a song before bed and realized how big she has gotten and how uncomfortable it is to hold her in that position...she's heavy! I'm so sad that Sarah has already moved out of the little baby stages so I'm excited to hold a newborn girl again soon! Now, if we could only settle on a name...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, I can't wait either to see our new baby girl!!! I would love to see SJ, please let me know next time you go to Bixby or come here. I love you all Aunt Susie.