Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Man's Man

Daniel's annual Kansas hunting trip was a success this year! Around 5:30 on Saturday night we got an excited phone call claiming his victory. Don't be surprised if you receive deer jerky for Christmas! :)
Also, check this blog to see a contest D won for one of his famous butchering tips. If it wasn't so cold out I would go and take pics of this but the deer has been gutted so it wouldn't work right this time.

Congrats on the kill hubby! We can now survive winter with all that meat... I must say, I have a very manly husband. He can "skin a buck deer; run a trot line, 'cause a country boy can survive." Ha! (for those of you non-country music fans, that's an old Hank Williams Jr. song!) But really, he can do just about anything outdoors or fix anything indoors. A real man's man! I love and appreciate that!


Leslie said...

Good job D! How big was it? (TWSS)

kati said...

Good job brother! And, I want some jerky!