Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks Grammy, Aunt Bug and Papa!

Here's a new pic of my little princess! I love those cheeks!
I'm so thankful for my mom and Kati making it to the hospital in time for Caroline's birth on Thursday. Kati was my photographer for the night and all day Friday. I'm so glad to have those couple of days in pictures. Mom and Kati also took care of SJ all day Friday so that was a huge relief to not wonder where she would be or if she would eat or sleep. Thanks!

Grammy and her granddaughters!

Aunt Bug with the Big Sis!

Kati had to leave Friday afternoon to head home. Papa made it Friday night to meet Caroline for the first time. We ended up leaving the hospital on Friday night as well about 9:15. The city was turning off the water to the hospital from 11 pm to 7 am. Before we knew that we had been instructed by the pediatrician to go ahead and stay one more night. After we learned about no water (as in not even being able to flush, wash hands, drink, etc...) we asked if we could head home. I think the staff was happy to have two fewer patients under their care! Special thanks to Cat, Sarah, Brooke, Bryan and Millie for helping us carry all of our stuff out of the hospital! They happened to be at the hospital when it was about time for us to leave and that was such a blessing! I'm pretty sure Daniel would have made about 10 trips alone to carry everything out. I felt like we moved in!

Grammy and Papa spoiled SJ so much on Saturday and Sunday (not to mention Daniel and me as well!). They took SJ for a few hours on Saturday and ran around town while Daniel, Caroline and I took a nap. Then they came home and made us a great steak dinner! Sunday we had a gourmet breakfast and then sat around enjoying each other's company. Mom did a ton of laundry and cleaning around the house too. Such a big help!

Papa and his Girl! She LOVES Papa!


Leslie said...

Such a sweet picture! I'm so glad you've had so much help. Love you all!

Kati said...

It was a blast. I love SJ's little belly hanging out of her outfit. Too stinkin cute.