Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanks C-Mom!

The Tuesday after the zoo I stopped to pick up my MIL and bring her back to Arkansas. Daniel had mentioned maybe having me pick her up and then meeting his dad later in the week for dinner to drop her back off. I didn't realize at the time how much help she was going to be! Of course she is always a big help but we had a lot going on this week! Tuesday night Daniel and I got a TON of stuff ready for a garage sale. Wednesday I had three big things I wanted to attend and could not take SJ to any of them so C-mom kept SJ for most of the day! Wednesday night Daniel and I loaded and dropped off all of our garage sale items...again something that would have been very difficult with SJ. Then Thursday, we stuck around the house for the morning, ran to Target and ended our visit with lunch at Whole Hog with Daniel and Grandfather.

Thank you, Connie, for all of the help you were while you were here. She did laundry, cleaned, mopped, cooked and I know there are things that she did that I didn't even see. Love you!


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful and I am sure she loves helping you as much as you enjoy her helping. I know I do!!! I love you all Aunt Susie

Little S said...

Tell C-Mom she is welcome to come to my house when she runs out of things to do at your house. ;)