Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pool Fun!

We took Sarah to the nearby pool yesterday. I wanted to check it out to see if it's something I think I'll be able to do this summer with both girls. After less than an hour there, my question was answered with a big fat NO! Sarah is too small to "swim" in the pool and she wanted to stand up the whole time, yet the big kids (that should have been in the big pool) kept making too big of waves so she kept falling over. I told a couple of kids that were at least 8 or 9 to go back to the big pool. Ha! They wanted to get close to Sarah but kept splashing her in the face. I was annoyed! So, having a newborn and keeping 100% attention on SJ seems impossible! We'll go on the weekends occasionally when Daniel is home, though!

On another note, SJ loved the water! She got her face dunked a few times and didn't care. She went on her belly a lot and tried to float but never quite got it. I'm excited to spend some time with her at Grammy and Papa's pool this summer or maybe an apartment complex pool that's not busy.


Leslie said...

She is so cute in her swimsuit!! I agree, it's going to be really difficult to go to the pool with two this summer!

Kati said...

Too stinkin cute! Love her!!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the penturfs should get a pool!:) or a boat! :) lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, she looks so precious, dang those big kids for spashing her in the face. Just take her to Grammy and Papas house. I love you all Aunt Susie