Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Carseat

SJ has a love/hate relationship with her carseat...well, actually I think it's more of a hate relationship. She's been crying/screaming everytime I put her in her seat the last two or three weeks so I decided to move her on up to the new one. Being about a week before her first birthday and the fact that she is over the 20 lb minimum weight limit I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. And, who wouldn't love facing forward vs. facing backward? Not my child. She didn't care. Darn! We went on a 5 hour trip this weekend and the ride there was TERRIBLE! She wouldn't sleep, wouldn't play and genuinely loathed sitting in that chair. Ugh! Thankfully, the ride back on Sunday was MUCH smoother. She actually took two naps, ate snacks (thanks Shawn for the tip!), and played with toys and books. We didn't even turn the DVD player on for the trip home! We watched it twice on the way on Friday. Anyway, if you have any tips for making long trips a little smoother...please share!

Get me out of this dang seat!

(Please notice the upside down paci...her preferred way of using it!)

This book is crap, mom. Where is my Jenny B. Jones book?


Anonymous said...

DEar Kari, I know about the carseat! Ugh, just switch toys around and keep snacks handy, The dvd player will help especially when SJ gets a little older. It is just hard sometimes but it does get easier the older they are, before you know it she will be climbing in her seat herself.I love you all Aunt Susie

Jenny B. Jones said...

haha. I knew I liked that girl for a reason. And I want to see more pics of the nursery.

Little S said...

I had been wondering how the ride home went. Glad snacks helped! Food is the answer to everything. ;)

Amy said...

Food is defnitely the answer to everything! Ha. Cute car seats!

Melanie said...

Poor Sarah! I don't think I've ever seen her unhappy. Have you heard of Praise Baby DVDs? I'll show them to you tomorrow. They saved us with Riley several times during road trips... and lots of cheerios and juice. :)