Monday, October 25, 2010

6 Months! we are, 30 days later and another month older!
Fun facts about Sarah:
  • Rolls over both ways and all around the room...I definitely have to keep a closer eye on her now!

  • Has decided to move her wake time to between 6 and 7. Mom has not and will not adjust...we are practicing crying it out in the AMs because 6 AM is just too early! I know we will adjust and things will be just fine soon.

  • Still takes about 2 great naps per day.

  • Completely on formula's been great for both of us!

  • Loves singing/talking/chatting/cooing...and I love hearing it!

  • Starting foods this week...eek!

  • No teeth yet.

  • Stands now, with support of course!

  • Working on sitting up, we're pretty close.


Kati said...

We would love to see this 6 month old princess....!!!

Sarah Frost said...

What a little cutie! So glad that she and Reese will be great friends and playmates!! Thank you, again, Kari, for all you and Daniel have done and are doing for Kate, Wes, and Reese! You are such dear friends!