Sunday, September 22, 2013

Himali's Wedding

So much has been going on the last couple of months! Lots of big things in our lives but the one I'm focusing on right now is my BFF since childhood, Himali, got married! We've been friends since age 12 or 13. We grew up in the same 'hood and were just always friends. One of my favorite memories of Himali is when I had knee surgery and she brought me a giant tweety bird balloon and card. She has always been and still is so thoughtful! We've also had some great trips together just the two of us. When we were in college we did a road trip to Colorado and spent almost a week touring the state. That was her first visit and who knew she'd be living there someday! We also went on a tour of the Northwest in 2008. We travel well together! 

Anyway, back to the wedding, I had the tremendous honor of being one of Himali's bridesmaids. The whole weekend was incredible. The location, the food, the many ceremonies/celebrations. I loved all of it! One of the greatest things was Daniel and I were able to have a few days away without the girls. Of course we missed them but having some uninterrupted adult time was beyond refreshing for us. The night we drove out of Bentonville we didn't even turn the radio on for FOUR hours. We just talked and enjoyed the silence. It was so good for us. The day we got to Colorado we also were able to visit Daniel's grandparents. They were so nice to make lunch for us. We were sad we couldn't stay longer but thankful for the time we did get to visit them. We even got to see Daniel's uncle Bill and Aunt Pam and their son, Trent. 

I am beyond thankful for Melanie Woody, Molly Pickering and Amy Logan for taking such good care of Sarah and Caroline for us. They were so sweet to not only agree to keep the girls but agree without hesitating. That just makes my heart happy. I tell ya, you have to have friends to make it through life. I treasure these ladies!! 

Henna Tattoo!
Himali and her mom, Aruna.
Himali and her dad, Kanti. 
My man and me in front of the snowless ski slopes!

Totally had no clue how to put my sari on! 
My beautiful friend! 

The Bridesmaids!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, wow the colors are just beautiful. Himali looked soooo beautiful!!!! I always thought she was just gorgeous!!! You should wear that beautiful blue and gorgeous yellow colors more often! You are so beautiful inside and out!! I am so glad you got to go with Daniel and enjoy "adult" time. I love you all so much aunt susie