Monday, April 29, 2013


Oh how we love to camp! We headed to our favorite campground, Beaver Lake Dam, the last weekend in April with the Smiths and Woodys. On the negative side, it rained all Friday and most of Saturday. On the plus side, the Smiths have a camper and they were so nice to open it up to all of us! We always give one meal to each family so that you only prepare and clean once. I love that! The kids had their own little bunk room with a tv and the adults hung out in the living/kitchen area most of the time. As bad as the weather was, we still had a wonderful relaxing time! Thanks to the Smiths for the dry sleeping arrangements! I'm ready to go back!


Kati said...

Looks like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, Wow you guys have all the fun!!! Keep it up Memories just fun Memories!!! Looks like SJ was totally cute! I love and miss you all Aunt Susie