Sunday, February 5, 2012

21 Months

Good night, how did she get to be this age?  Feels like I just wrote her 15 and 18 month posts.  SJ sure is growing and changing a lot.  Speaking of growing...look at that hair!  She has so much!  It's usually in pig tails because she otherwise has a pretty sweet mullet.  Anyway, here are some fun new things she's been up to.

-Talking a little more.  Very selective in what she will say and when she will say it.
-Loves going up and down the slide at the park.  Has also found a new love for the swing.  I'm so glad!
-Loves her sister.
-Mostly compliant when asked to do certain tasks/chores or given commands.
-Can open doors and close fact she made it to the street one day before I knew she had even left the house.  Eeeeeek!
-Has begun a new phase of crying when mommy or daddy leave her...I'm not a fan of this!
-Still a great sleeper.  13ish hours at night and 2ish hours for her nap.
-Eating...not a great eater.
-Knows her friends' names and gets super excited when I tell her she is going to see them or they're coming to see her!
-Still a huge daddy's girl.  If he's home I pretty much don't exist...or shouldn't, ha!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things but for now this is my list.  We love our Sarah Jane!


Carrie said...

Super cute hair, SJ!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari, Oh what a DOLL!!!!!! She is adorable! I love pigtails, Honey she will eat when she is hungry, but it is hard to take but you can't make them eat. I forced Eric to eat mashed potatoes once, and he threw up at the table. I laugh about it now but it was not funny then. Well take care I love you all Aunt Susie

Kati said...

Love my little lady bug.