Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oklahoma Weekend

What a weekend! We started the weekend off Thursday evening in Chouteau visiting Daniel's family. It had been since Christmas since we had seen Carrie and Lily and it was fun to see how much Lily has grown in just 3 months! We also got to celebrate Betsy's birthday that night. Betsy, don't forget, "Metallics are in!"

Friday, we drove to Tulsa to spend the night with my parents. I had another fabulous shower on Saturday the 27th. So many gifts, friends and family. Definitely another spoiled time for me and Sarah! I loved catching up with my college girlfriends on Saturday morning at Queenie's and then having lunch with the aunts and cousins before the shower. We are extremely blessed by all of you! A special thank you to my hostesses: Kati, Shelly, Lindsey, Chandra, Hannah and Kat. I love you! Thanks for a great day!

Sunday, we thought we were making a quick trip to Babies R Us to return one of the 2 Diaper Genie's we had received. That "quick" trip turned into almost 2 hours! My mom and I love the store but Daniel has added it to the top of his "Worst Stores Ever" list. It now tops Hobby Lobby and Bath and Body Works! Ha!

Clockwise from top left...my college girlfriends, Shelly, Chandra and Lindsey. 3 of us are prego! Next pic is of Lily, Carrie, Grandmommy and Betsy. Below that are my mom and her sisters a.k.a The Aunts and the last pic is of Lujean (my stepmom), Granny and Aunt Paula (my dad's sister).

Check out my nephew Carter in the top left. What a little cutie! Next to that picture are my hostesses (missing Kat).
And then in the collage below...how cute are these decorations!


Leslie said...

Sounds like a great shower! Love the decorations!

Amy said...

You have had some great showers. Those decorations are so cute!