Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sarah's Newest Picture

Here is little Sarah at about 29 weeks. I'm sure the face is easy to make out for those untrained ultrasound eyes. She has her thumb poking in her eye and you can follow that down and see her arm. Wrapped up the front of her arm is her leg. She looks very flexible! I'm not sure where she gets that because neither of us are flexible...we can't even touch our toes! The ultrasound technician also told us Sarah has a lot of hair...not sure what I think about that.
Some fun things that have happened in the last week are...
  • Daniel and I SAW my belly move. She's definitely getting stronger!
  • She moves all the time...I'm pretty sure she's going to be an active little thing.
  • I think I felt hiccups for the first time today at church. There was a rhythmic little beat and I could feel it on the outside with my hand.
We sure look forward to meeting this little girl!


Chandra said...

How special! I can't wait to meet her.

Leslie said...

Can't wait to see her! Samuel said "K-K" and "Dee" when I opened your blog today. :) You'll be glad you wrote all this down... blogs are great record keepers!

Anonymous said...

Bows...this girl needs lots of bows if she has lots of hair!!!!!!