Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days...Don't Hate, Appreciate!

We have had snow days #6 and #7 this past Friday and Monday. I'm loving the snow days this year...mostly because I don't have to make them up due to my maternity leave! I say bring 'em on! Enjoy the pics of a couple of things Daniel and I did over the few days off!
Saturday night a bunch of friends got together to celebrate my birthday at Bonefish Grill. We followed dinner with a night at JJ's with some dancing and good company. Thanks to everyone for braving the roads and making me feel special!

Also, Saturday we made a little Sarah Snowman...or should it be snowgirl?

This is how much snow we got in one day! Almost 7 inches of snow! It was beautiful. It snowed ALL day Friday. One of two breads I made...yum! I didn't get a picture of the first bread because somebody was a little impatient in waiting for it. I also baked a cake.

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Leslie said...

Great snowgirl!

I just got a little freaked out by your blog music... thought it was something very loud interfering with the monitor, then the rest of the song started and I figured it out :)